The Steps To Success Model Explained

Step One Is Awareness

The inspiration for this comes from the modification of the famous quote “A journey of a thousand miles”

” A journey of a thousand miles begins NOT with the first step but the AWARENESS that a journey is needed”

Awareness – that a journey is needed, something has to change

Step Two Is Inspiration

Once you are aware that change is needed, then you need INSPIRATION (others who have done it, stories, quotes)

Inspiration – Get inspired by others who have changed the thing you want to change

Step Three Is Motivation

Then you need to align and tap into your MOTIVATION (aka your WHY) 

Motivation –   tap into your why (Is your motivation Intrinsic or Extrinsic?) and get very clear about the answers to these four questions 

                       What would happen if I don’t change? 

                        What would happen if I do change? 

                        What won’t happen if I do change? 

                        What won’t happen if I don’t change?

Step Four Is Planning

Then come up with a plan of how to change 

Planning – failing to plan is planning to fail

Step Five Is Taking Action

Action – Take consistent small action steps

               Get Feedback

Then take CONSISTENT ACTION of  learning new skills

Taking action without analyzing and reflecting on your results and adjusting your behavior is a waste of energy and resources, so 

Step Six Is Analyzing

Analyze the results

Step Seven Is Reflecting

Adjust what you are doing if you don’t get the results you want/expected, do something different Loop through this until you achieve your outcome

Step Eight Is Achieve

But achievement without heart/love is an empty success would you rather be thin, rich, and happy or healthy, wealthy, and content?

So becoming conscious and having a spiritual perspective is important to avoid that empty, lonely, and ultimately unfulfilling success but it is hard to be thinking about matters of the spirit when the flesh is hungry, cold, and in danger ( think Maslow’s hierarchy of needs)