The 10 Areas Of Life Model Explained

A useful model for Personal Development is this (each pillar is built on the foundation of the one before it)

#1 Internal Physical – In or On Your Body

Internal Physical (think Health and everything on or inside your skin) – without health you have nothing

#2 Internal Emotional – Your Relationship with Self & Emotions

Internal Emotional (think your emotional state, self-esteem, self-love, confidence)-without emotional stability you cannot have intellectual growth

#3 Internal Intellectual – Your Thinking & Education

Internal Intellectual (think your Education)- – without intellect you have no ethics

#4 Internal Spiritual – Your Ethos, Your Conscience

Internal Spiritual (think your ethos, your conscience, your morals, and values) – without ethics you spend your energy on unproductive things (think of revenge)

#5 Internal Energy  -Your Vitality

Internal Energy (think Wu-Chi, Life Force, Yoga Nidra, TaiChi, Qigong, Jade Egg Practices)- without energy, you can’t do, you will not achieve

#6 External Physical – Your Assets, Gadgets, Gizmos, Wealth

External Physical (think your wealth, your stuff, house car, money, home, garden)- without wealth, you will have poor relationships -energy will be lost with worry and suffering

#7 External Emotional – Your Relationships with Others

External Emotional (think about your relationships with others)- without others you will not go far 

#8 External Intellectual – Your Work, Your Skills, Your Products

External Intellectual (think your work, your contribution to society)- without meaningful work and contribution you are a parasite, your tribe will reject you

#9 External Spiritual – Your Group Tribe Community

External Spiritual (think your religion, your Church, where you hang out)- without a tribe/community – what’s the point?

#10 External Energy -Your Flow

External Energy (think Tao, Tantra, Mesmerism, Energy healing, Reiki) I know, I know most probably too woo for most but I do not think we cannot dismiss it, just because science doesn’t have the tools yet to investigate it.- not many people get here but think of our truly great leaders and spiritual people, being tapped in, tuned in, and turned on is where we crave to be. Here we are vibrating at the right frequency.

#11 Hobbies – you can have a hobby in any of the above 10 areas.

So InspireActAchieve is about awareness, inspiration, motivation, planning, taking action, analyzing, reflecting, adjusting, and achieving but it is also about

consciousness, spirituality, and the 10 areas of life and getting into the right vibration and self-actualizing.