5 Superpowers That People With Anxiety Disorder Have

Although most people thing that anxiety can only cause damage, that’s not always the case.

This disorder that many people has some hidden super powers and it all depends on how you look at it.

Here are the 5 superpowers that people with anxiety disorder have:

1. Increased empathy

Increased empathy

People that have anxiety consider other people’s feelings more than normal people. They have increased empathy for others and can detect motions better. Empathy is really important and can make huge difference a person’s life.

2.Ability to sense the energy in others

Ability to sense the energy in others

People with anxiety can sense positive and negative energy. Negative people cause them discomfort while they love to surround themselves with people with positive vibrations.

3.Life-saving instinct

Sometimes anxiety can cause a person to have a better survival mechanism and be more aware of things happening around. One study found that people who have really high levels of anxiety can more quickly detect danger than normal people.

4.Increased IQ

Increased IQ

SUNY Downstate Medical Centre in NY found that people with anxiety have a higher IQ. This is no surprise since people with anxiety are known to over-analyze every single thing.

5.Ability to see through lies

Ability to see through lies

Anxious people are extremely careful and can see through lies. They’re also much braver and much more special than everyone thinks. People with anxiety are capable of achieving great things and are some of the strongest people.

Source: Mind Waft

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