Test: What You See First Will Determine Which Primary Personality Factor Is Strongest in You

Which primary personality factor is strongest in you?

Tests using images are a great way to learn important insights about your personality as well as your outlook on life.

All you have to do is look at the following images and answer one simple question without thinking about it for too long.

Learning about our personalities and how we interact with the world around us is highly useful information, especially as we strive to grow into better people than we were yesterday.

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Psychologists all over the world have debated which has a heavier influence on our personalities: nature or nurture?

Essentially, this argument comes down to whether it’s genetics or the environments we grow up in that shape who we become as individuals.

Dr. Hans Eysenck posits that we can measure different types of personalities based on three main factors: extraversion/introversion, neuroticism/stability, and psychoticism/superego.

Each one of these primary personality factors have strong genetic ties, as he believed that genetics played the larger role in determining who we are.

So, if your dominant personality factor is extraversion, you’re likely to be sociable, impulsive and lively. If it’s neuroticism, you’re likely anxious and have obsessive-compulsive tendencies.

If it’s psychoticism, you’re probably very egocentric, aggressive, hostile and antisocial.

You might be thinking that you can already pinpoint which dominant personality factor you exhibit, but don’t be so sure.

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We all have different combinations of these three personality factors.

The combination that is specific to us highly influences our behaviors and thought processes, ultimately determining our personality traits. For example, you might perform quite well in school, but lack a strong creative side.

This test uses images to determine which dominant personality factor most highly influences your personality and who you are as person. Use it to your advantage!

What did you see here first?

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