7 Things A Loyal Man Will NEVER Do In A Relationship

We all make mistakes in life but it is when we hurt those who love us the most that we cross the line.

Sure, we’re only human but when someone doesn’t care enough to avoid certain offenses in a relationship that we become something else.

Here are 7 things a good man won’t do in a relationship with someone they claim to truly love.


The number one cause of divorce in the United States is infidelity. Whether he cheats mentally or physically, it simply doesn’t matter. It is a betrayal of the heart and everything that a couple holds dear. A good man will never cheat on their partner as it is simply not in their nature to do so.

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Perhaps an even bigger betrayal than someone cheating is one who abuses the person they are in a relationship with. It doesn’t matter if it’s mental or physical abuse, it’s unbelievably wrong and illegal for obvious reasons. A truly good man will never put his hands on their partner in a violent manner. Verbal and mental abuse is just as bad and leaves scars that no one can see but the pain lasts forever. No one deserves that kind of relationship, no one.


An honest to goodness man will never wish that you will fail at anything that you do in life. Good partners encourage success and even help you along the way. Support is a necessity in any healthy relationship so without it would make the relationship worthless.


For any relationship to work there has to be a solid line of communication. If he runs at the very mention of an important subject that needs to be discussed, it’s an immediate red flag. It shows a clear lack of dependability and there’s absolutely no room for that in dating and especially not in a marriage. If he’s too scared to talk about the big stuff it’s time to move on to the next.


If you want to be alone, you’d be single. Any man worth being in a relationship with will never make you feel alone. Sure, every couple has their ups and downs that’s just life. But, if he constantly ignores your input, neglects plans that have been made, or even acts like you barely exist he’s not your partner and you’re pretty much already single.


Invading the privacy of your partner is an act that shows a lack of trust. A sincerely good man will never go through your phone, dig through your computer, listen in on your phone calls or any such thing. A relationship with no trust isn’t a relationship at all let alone a healthy one.

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Neither person in a relationship should control the one they are dating. A good man will never time your trips to the store or make you ask permission to do things. They won’t feel the need to delegate who you can spend time with or what you can do day to day. That kind of behavior is unacceptable and a definite precursor for what lies ahead. Run while you still can.

No one is perfect but exhibiting any of these behaviors on a regular basis is a clear indicator that he’s not a good man to be in a relationship with.

Find a partner that loves you, respects you, involves you in their life and wants nothing but the best for you. It may sound practically impossible but they’re out there, some are just harder to find than others.

Source: Peace Quarters

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