5 Changes You Body Undergoes When You Experience Heartbreak And 5 Ways To Deal With It

What happens to your body when you go through something as depressing as heartbreak?

Everyone has dealt with one of the heartbreak forms, it could be losing a loved one or breaking up with your girlfriend or boyfriend.

When your heart is broken you stop eating, cry it out, get drunk or maybe all of the above. Almost all people don’t know that when they go through a heartbreak their body goes through quite a few changes.

These are 5 bodily changes that tend to occur when a person has a heartbreak, also these are 5 ways how a person can deal with it.

5. Hormonal change

Everyone feels good and happy when is in love. Happiness is displayed in our body in the form of hormones like oxytocin and dopamine. When you are upset and heartbroken, the happiness hormones turn off. They are replaced by epinephrine and cortisol – the stress hormones. Stress and anxiety are the feelings instead of all that happiness.

When stress hormones chronically remain, it’s very difficult for a person to form and make new memories. It’s probably a mechanism by the brain to forget whatever was causing the stress.

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4. A weaker immune system

The immune system becomes weaker because of the negative enzymes in the body that are released by stress hormones. This makes a person to falling sick. People deal with fevers on a daily basis, flu, colds, but usually, our body is strong enough to be able to fight these off.

The stress and pain have many negative effects on the body, like producing less white blood cells, which is what helps to fight off infection.

3. Dietary change and weight gain

When people are in a negative or stressful part of our life, they seek some foods to act against that negativity. This is why most people turning to sweet as well as salty things, fats, and carbohydrates.

The food cravings are a result of the cortisol hormone that has been related to increased belly fat. These comfort foods can produce Serotonin which can counter stress.

2. Sexual dysfunction

The last thing on your mind is sex when you are heartbroken and almost people no sexual pleasure in their life. Even if they try to get some action in their sex life, people may find that their body does not give the normal response to it.

For men, a form of erectile dysfunction could show up.

1. Skin Rashes

Stress hormones can easily affect your skin adversely. Conditions such as acne, rosacea or Psoriasis can get activated during this period.

There are many ways to help yourself get out of a heartbreak.

We know that it’s not always easy to ask for help, but these are 5 tips you can practice for yourself:

#5 Find some way to learn from it

In life, everything happens for a reason and there is no experience that goes without use. Don’t worry you can always learn something even from your bad times and make yourself a stronger person.

Just move forward and never stop, please focus on what you got out of the relationship.

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#4 Forgive even if you cannot forget

Some experiences are impossible to be forgotten, maybe there are people who betrayed you, people who hurt you or lied to you. But forgiving someone for their mistakes can only bring you peace.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to push the whole situation out of your mind, but it makes it a lot easier for you to get over the situation. You don’t need to forget but just try to forgive and move forward.

#3 Take it personally but not permanently

Sometimes you would take it personally and be upset at someone who hurt you and it is alright to be angry and cry. You have to take time to process your feelings, but not for too long. Holding on to something that hurt you will make impossible to move on.

The relationships that were broken are just a part of your life, but remember, it’s not your entire life. Let’s have a better future by letting go of the past!

#2 Ask for help

It can happen you don’t know who to ask and call for help. Don’t let these insecurities get into you resulting in don’t asking for help when you need it. Your friends will surprisingly show up to love and support you.

Remember, when we are at the bottom, help comes in the most surprising ways.

#1 Do EVERYTHING you love to do

Make sure to do all the things you love doing. Every day you have to remind yourself that you know how to have fun alone. You can be happy in your own way without needing someone. Doing the things you love will help you in moving forward.

Source: Mind Waft

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