13 Things Women Who We’ve Been Hurt Too Many Times Unconsciously Do

Emotional pain hurts way more than physical. Emotional trauma, heartbreak, loss of a loved or close one can hurt beyond any physical pain.

When we go through emotional pain it changes us, it influences us to become completely different person in the end of it. Emotional pain can be the reason for big changes in life for some people.

Below we list 13 things that are result of emotional pain:

1. Embrace Negativity

After a heavy heartbreak everyone thinks we are better off alone and we’ll forever be alone. False! You deserve to be happy and you will be happy, stay strong.

2. Trust Issues

Suffering from emotional pain has a lot to do with trust. You trust nobody, thinking that everyone will do you harm.

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3. You Forget How Much You’re Worth

You allowed somebody to destroy your confidence and faith in yourself. You must always remember how much you’re worth and how beautiful your soul is!

4. Sadness Is Your New Best Friend

You just can’t forget everything that happened, it just won’t get out of your head, you’re better when you’re alone and sad.

5. You Keep Everything To Yourself

You don’t wanna talk to anyone, you think if you keep it inside yourself it’ll do you good. You’re wrong, the first step of healing is when you say it out loud.

6. You Become Obsessed

You just can’t stop thinking about it, whether is that a person or something that happened, you obsess yourself with it and it drains you slowly. Take a break, start something new, explore new horizons!

7. Emotionless

Well, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Emotional trauma will most certainly make you stronger person, but it turns off your emotions as well.

8. You Think Love Is Dead

Even is the hottest person on the planet was hitting on you, you still wouldn’t be interested. You don’t believe in love anymore, you think you know for a fact that you won’t find love again. Wrong! Love always comes again!

9.You Learn From Your Mistakes

After all, you realize your mistake and you start taking care of yourself. You establish new goals for yourself, you turn a new page in your life, a better page where you are the most important person. Period.

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10. You Start Cutting People Out Of Your Life

Anyone who’s negative, toxic, or just won’t support you does not deserve a place near you. You will only allow people who care, love and support you to be in your circle.

11. Individuality

You want something and there is nothing that can keep you from obtaining it. You stop at nothing, you are your own best company.

12. You Won’t Tolerate Anyone Who Disrespects You

You’re just not gonna tolerate any kind of disrespectful behavior, you’ve been through a lot and you won’t allow anyone to disrespect you.

13. You Learn To Move On

You accept the life as it is and everything that comes your way. Eventually you’ll learn to let things go, this happens when you outgrow your pain.

Source: Human Explore

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