10 Signs You Chose The Right Person To Love

Most people know how it looks like to date the wrong person, and this is not surprising at all given that the world these days is full of mismatched couples.

When we are used to dating the wrong people, it can be tough to comprehend if we are dating the right person.

If you are fortunate to have found the one, then these are the signs you will identify with:

1. He feels like your best friend

If you are dating a man who feels like your best and most loyal friend, it means that you are dating “the one”- your soul mate and forever partner in crime.

2. You trust him

When dating the wrong guy, there is always suspicion and jealousy present in the air.  When dating Mr. Right, you trust him and there is nothing in this world that can make you jealous or suspicious.

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3. He genuinely listens to you

While all guys seem to be listening to you, not all of them are really present. Has ever happened to you to ask your partner to do something, he nods his head, and when you ask him if he did it he says “You never asked me to do that!”

When a man puts his phone away, confirms things, and asks follow-up questions, he is really listening. And when a man genuinely listens to you, it is a definite sign that he is Mr. Right.

4. He gives you space

Nothing is more draining than a guy who refuses to give you space and let you do something without him.  Mr. Right isn’t like this! He is understating and aware that you need space too. He does enjoy doing things with you, but he is also happy for you when you enjoy your time alone.

5. He cares about how he looks around you

When a man cares about his looks and dresses to impress you, he not only shows respect for himself, but for you and the relationship as well.  This is one of the strongest signs that you are dating Mr. Right.

6. You fight – but it’s productive

Mr. Wrong tends to fight to prove he was right and will always try to turn things around too look like you are the one who is guilty and should ask forgiveness.  On the flip side, Mr. Right does fight when necessary but he is also willing to accept his mistakes and ask forgiveness if needed.

7. Sometimes you do nothing together and it still feels right

Even when you are doing literally nothing, it still feels good and right.

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8. He works hard

A guy who works hard is the one who cares about you, the relationship, and your future.  He works hard in order to make their life with you as pleasant and comfortable as possible.  He works hard to save money for the future so that you can live in a nice place, raise kids, and eat well.

9. He cares

Selfish guys don’t care about anyone and don’t even feel guilty about it.  Mr. Right cares about you, your relationship, and other people as well.  He radiates positivity, love, and warmth, and when you soak up their positive vibes, it is a wonderful thing.

10. You are his/her priority

You do deserve a man who puts you first no matter what. If he wants to hang out with his friends, he will ask about your plans and your permission first.  You come first and he is willing to cancel insignificant plans to spend more time with you.

Source: Seize positivity

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