How To Manifest Your Desires With The Power Of Thought

Is it possible to manifest your desires with the power of thought?

Manifesting your desires is not as easy as focusing your awareness toward something and your desires will magically appear without doing any work.

To learn how to effectively manifest your desires and thoughts into reality, you need to understand what thought is and learn how the thought manifestation process works. You also need to take appropriate actions to support your desires.

What is thought?

Thought is a subtle conscious energy that is more powerful than even the strongest nuclear weapon. Nuclear weapons are created by the use of subtle energy within the atoms. This atomic energy is very small and subtle but has the potential to destroy a planet. This is how powerful subtle energy is and thought is the building block of this energy. Because thought is so powerful, it is considered one of the core energetic substances of Creation. It is one of the most basic processes used for manifesting energy into matter.

One of the most important aspects of thought is that it has the potential of thinking within and upon itself. In simpler term, this is what we called free will. Most of us have been conditioned to believe that thinking occurs in the brain. This idea is a misconception. If thinking occurs in the brain, jellyfishes, starfishes and bacteria would not be able to survive because they do not have a brain to think. It is also important to know that thought is very intelligent. The fundamental definition of intelligence is nothing more than thought thinking within itself and observing itself.

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Below is an excerpt from my book Staradigm about how focused thought plays an essential role in manifesting desires.

In order for energy to manifest into matter, there must first exist something to draw energy into focus. That something is thought. However, thought alone does not effectively bring forth true manifestation. Thought needs certain energy forces to help transform it into expressions. One of these energy forces is emotion. Having strong emotional desires along with focused thought is the key to manifesting your desires. This process draws in energy, and as the energy coagulates, manifestation begins. Physical manifestation is nothing more than an end result of focused thought. Is this hard for you to believe? If it is, you will need to thoroughly read Chapter 4 and study the information in it. If you study the atomic structure deeply enough, you will realize that atoms are mostly empty space. In fact, physicists have found that atoms, the so-called building blocks of matter, are 99.99999 percent empty space. They have also found that the remaining percentage of matter is not solid but has an energy-like quality to it. So, what does this all mean? It means that matter is an illusion. Atoms and matter exist because they are held together with focused thought. If this thought ever loses its focus, atoms and matter would simply vanish; therefore, our bodies and surroundings would cease to exist.

Linear time and thought manifestation

In our dimension, there is the illusion of linear time. This illusion makes it harder for instant manifestation to occur. Imagine holding an intended thought with the desire to focus it into existence without seeing physical proof. How long can you hold this thought before you lose focus of your desired experience? Once you lose focus of your desired experience for a certain amount of time, its manifestation is in danger of being lost. Once it is lost, you deny yourself the experience. This is why manifesting your desires is hard when living in a realm that is bound to linear time. The distortions in the energy structures that make up your light bodies also make it hard to manifest your desires into reality, because they disrupt the natural energy flow of the thought manifestation process.

To increase your success rate of manifesting your desires, reduce distraction as much as possible, discipline your mind, increase your emotional desire toward the desired experience, think about them on a regular basis and have faith that the Universe will allow them to manifest. You also need to take actions that support your desires. Doing this will help strengthen the thought manifestation process even more.

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The importance of specific thoughts

One important thing to consider when you manifest your desires is to make sure your thoughts are specific. For example, if what you want is change, make sure your mind is focused toward a specific change. Otherwise you may attract too many changes, which will make your life chaotic. Another thing to consider is that your desires must be within the Law of Creation. Otherwise it would be nearly impossible to manifest your desires through thought alone.

To truly utilize the power of thought, you will need to understand who you truly are. In truth, you are a spiritual being embraced in a physical body. The essence of who you are is your soul, which has infinite potential. One of the simplest definitions of the human soul is a projection of thought. In other words, each of us is a thought that thinks; therefore, our souls are conscious and self-aware. Remember, your thought is the most powerful manifestation force that you have. Use it wisely and your desires will manifest beyond your wildest imagination.

Originally written by PL Chang and published on Energy Fanatics

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