Differences Between Rich and Poor Mindset

Right after watching a video by Fight Mediocrity, about the book “” by T. Harv Eker, I felt a need to write this article, and to emphasize the importance of our mindset.

The author mentions the major differences between rich person’s mindset and poor person’s mindset.

First I need to explain something: the poor aren’t necessarily people without money (even though they are included), but those are people who live a mediocre life, people who follow the traditional paths of society. That traditional path of society includes going to college, getting a good job with average salary, and working there until you retire.

This is some kind of a realistic path of life. But, we shouldn’t be realistic to live the life of our dreams. Actually, we need to be unrealistic if we want to achieve our greatest dreams, and to stay away from mediocrity. Every human on this planet has the potential to be rich. Including you! Follow our ways of breaking out of the poor mindset – let your mindset become rich and limitless.

Before you read the differences, I want you to know that I don’t intend to insult people with this article. My aim is to give an advice to all the people who are stuck in a boredom rut to get out of there and start living their dreams.

Rich people think big and dream big, poor people think small and dream small.

Generally, the rich think to their fullest potential and have big dreams, which leads them on the right way to becoming rich. Poor people have small dreams, their goal is to have enough money to survive, not to live and enjoy their life. They become satisfied living in their small mindset and therefore never taste wealth.

Shot for the stars – even if you don’t reach them, you’ll land somewhere near them. Whatever you want to become, want it bad and make that your vision.

Rich people focus on opportunities, poor people focus on obstacles.

Rich people concentrate on opportunities which will allow them to reach their goals, while poor people usually fail focusing only on the obstacles.

Think positively in everything you do. Take a risk. You never know, the things you see as obstacles may turn into opportunities to start something new, something different, something big.

Rich people constantly learn and improve themselves, while poor people think they have learnt enough.

Rich people don’t ever feel they know everything and this allows them to learn new things which will make them even more successful. Poor people feel they have knowledge in almost every area of their life and therefore miss out some important information which would make them successful and rich.

Rich people admire and respect other rich people, poor people resent rich people.

Usually, poor people have wrong opinion about wealthy people, thinking that they are selfish, rude and corrupt. So, they avoid them, and surround themselves with other poor people. But, in fact wealthy people work hard for their success.  If you surround yourself with that kind of people, they will bring more value to your life and will widen your horizon. Rich people admire other rich people. They know their positive attitude and mindset can only benefit them further.

Instead resenting the rich, accept them and get inspired by their success and motivation. Let their example encourage you to dream big and take an action in order to accomplish everything you’ve ever imagined.

Rich people believe they create their life, poor people believe life happens to them.

Rich people are convinced they have control over their lives, which is why they are successful. They know that only their actions will bring results, and therefore they don’t blame other people or external factors for their outcomes.

On the other hand, poor people always complain and give excuses about their failures, actually they do the same about everything in their lives. They never take personal responsibility of everything that happens in their life. If you want to be wealthy stop giving excuses, and make your own life, your own happiness, and your own future. Go out there and create your perfect life.

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Rich people want to promote themselves and their value, poor people think negatively about selling and promotion and undervalue themselves.

Many poor mindsets will look at selling as something bad, as something manipulative and desperate, so they avoid it. If a poor person owns a business which includes sales of a product or a service, they would not go door to door offering their products and services. Instead, they will the business will just come to them, simply because they don’t want to look desperate. But it certainly will bring them failure.

Wealthy people believe in promotion of themselves and what they are doing. They don’t mind begging. They know how the business works, and therefore they will make an effort to get the best of it. If you want to get rich no matter what, you’ll eventually have to sale and promote.

Rich people decide to get paid based on their results, poor people decide to get paid based the time they put into their jobs.

We all agree that our time is valuable, but guess what? Nobody cares about that. Results are those who make our time valuable. Rich people know that, and that’s why they focus on results. If they work for a whole year on creating a product and start selling it, they will not focus on the amount of time they’ve worked on it, because if the products sucks, no one will care about the time spent on it. Results speak louder than time. You don’t deserve $20/hour for 40 hours a week if all you did at work was actually nothing.

Rich people manage their money well, poor people mismanage their money well.

Poor people usually tend to go with the cheapest option, which ends up being the most expensive option over time. So why they just don’t pick up a book and learn how to manage their money well? Rich people have excellent education on money management, which is the reason why they are rich. They know how to invest their money, they put quality in the first place over quantity.

Rich people are goal achievers, poor people are goal setters.

As we said before, the rich dream big, and they have a strong desire for achieving their dreams. So, they pursue their dreams and are persistent in their efforts until they win. They don’t just dream and stop, because it won’t lead them anywhere.

The poor on the other hand only dream and wait. They have dreams to be wealthy but the biggest problem is that they don’t do anything to turn their dreams into reality, which will make them feel disappointed and discouraged, so they become stuck in their ordinary and mediocre life.

I hope this article will make you think deep and think outside the box, causing a positive change of your mindset. Don’t let anything, especially not your thoughts to hold you back from achieving your greatest dreams. If you think like rich people think and do what rich people do, chances are you’ll get rich too!

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