5 Types Of Fear Holding You Back In Life

What is your greatest fear?

Fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. It is a vital response to physical and emotional danger – if we didn’t feel it, we couldn’t protect ourselves from legitimate threats.

But often we fear situations that are far from dangerous, and there is not a reason to feel that way. Worry is similar to paying interest on a debt we don’t owe yet. Therefore, it is useless and wasteful, but still done by all of us all the time.

Fear can certainly save us from endangering our lives, but it can also prevent us from taking a once in a lifetime opportunity. For example, fear keeps us from falling in love, applying for our dream job, or buying that wonderful house. We just shouldn’t give fear a power to obsess us, because in that way it will be much harder to make a decision and take the first step.

What we need to do in order to ignore or even eliminate the fear, is to identify our most common fears, to find our inner strength to face them, and finally to find a way to reduce their power. Here is a list of 5 fears which are holding us back from living the life of our dreams.

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1. Fear of Wasting Time

Sometimes we feel like everything we are doing is wasting time, although we work very hard to achieve our goal. If we want to turn our dreams into reality, we need to spend some time working on it. Time is the most valuable resource we have and the most precious gift we can give anyone. That’s why we are afraid of wasting it. But, how can we ever say or even think that going after our dreams is just a waste of time? We need to remember that working on our dreams will give us great experience, get us out of our comfort zone and boost our ambition for being the best we can be.

2. Fear of Rejection

People are born to be part of a community, simply they can’t function alone. Loneliness has been shown to have an impact to our mental, as well as our physical health. So, it is obvious why we are scared of rejection. If someone rejects us, we feel depressed, vulnerable, and as if there is no one to stand next to us in our hard times. This fear moves us away from making the first step in anything. We always think too much about all the details, especially about the people we are surrounded with, and we don’t want to be wrongly understood. If we don’t try, we will never know what to expect from the people. Don’t be afraid to be rejected, it may be the best thing ever happened to you, and may lead you to something bigger you really deserve to be part of.

3. Fear of Being Incapable

That awful feeling of being incapable or inadequate always appears when starting something new. We can find ourselves comparing to others and even believing that only they are good enough for that particular thing. In fact, we always underestimate ourselves. This psychological state is called the “Impostor Syndrome” (also known as fraud syndrome). It’s an internal experience of constant self-doubt, particularly prevalent in people who have directly or indirectly had their ability questioned throughout their lives. People who have this syndrome always think they are not good enough, which can deter them from even trying.

Remember, only because you feel inadequate, doesn’t mean you really are. If you have a big dream, and you want it to become reality, you will make an effort and dedicate yourself in order to make it happen. This way you will become perfect candidate to turn that dream into reality.

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4. Fear of Failure

Although we have a passion in doing something and achieving our goals, we always spend time in thinking and making decisions, to do it or not to do it. As the time goes by, we may change our mind and say to ourselves: Maybe I have second thoughts and I think too much because it’s not worth it, so I better stop wasting my time!

The best way to learn and to succeed is by taking action. But, we are often criticized when we do something wrong and nobody wants to feel ashamed of doing mistakes. So, we shouldn’t be surprised of the fear of failure.  Failure makes everything uncertain and risky. The consequences of failure seem huge. That’s right, they seem huge! It doesn’t mean there will actually be any negative consequence for trying, maybe it will turn out to be the best decision you have ever made.

Don’t forget! The most successful people are those who fail often. They know the only way to do something new is to learn to cope with failure. For them failure is merely a stepping stone. The only real failure is not having tried at all.

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5. Fear of Success

The most similar to the fear of failure is fear of success. We can say it is even more common than the fear of failure. Our deepest and greatest fear is that we have limitless, immeasurable power to make impossible things possible.

We often question ourselves: Who am I to be brilliant, talented and really good at something? Instead, we should question ourselves: Who am I not to be? That positive altitude will lead us on the right way to success.

Have you found some of the fears you face every day in the list above? Which of these fears stop you from moving forward in your life? What are you actually doing about eliminating them?

Take a risk, and start immediately doing something you have always wanted. Don’t be afraid of failure, maybe it will help you turn your greatest dreams into reality and finally get what you really deserve.

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