11 Really Good Reasons to Quit Your Job Right Now

I’m sure that sometimes you dream how you quit your job, throwing away everything you have on your desk, and telling everyone how miserable they are, of course, including your boss too. Then, you’re yelling: “I quit!!!”

But, let’s go back to reality.

There are different kinds of reasons people quit their jobs. Some people quit their job to earn more money elsewhere, or to start their own business (which is the best reasons of all). Others quit for a better opportunity. If you’re quitting strategically to avoid getting stuck in a career rut, it’s OK. But if not, don’t take an unnecessary risk.

If you’re sick and tired of your job, now it’s time to quit, and look for a better opportunity. You spend more than half of your day at work, so you shouldn’t allow your work to be a source of misery. No job is ever worth your health. When it comes to the people you’re surrounded with, don’t listen to all those people who are trying to talk you out of it. Sometimes it will seem impossible to find a better job, or you worry that with leaving everything behind you’ll end up in an even worse position than your current one.

Quit your job! Get out of the comfort zone!

I know that change can be scary. You feel safe, secure and comfortable in your current job, and you don’t like to take a risk. But have you ever heard the expression: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone?” Now is the real time to make that change. Start with updating your CV, and apply to the jobs that interest you. Then, you’ll get a few interviews, and finally a job offer. That will be a crucial moment that will change your future. The decision is yours – you’ll stay in your comfort zone, or you’ll go step ahead, take the new job, and improve yourself. Remember: Staying is scarier than leaving your job.

In the text below I’ll give you 11 really good reasons to quit your job as soon as possible. Before you quit ask yourself: Why am I quitting? Giving yourself the answer you’ll come up with the right decision. If it’s one of these reasons, you’re probably on the right path.

1. You’re Concerned About the Stability of Your Company

If there are certain indicators that make a picture of a sinking ship, and you don’t want to be on it when it finally goes down, you should definitely quit as soon as you can. For example, if your company had several layoffs in the past year, or if you haven’t received raise in the last five years, you should get out of there and look for a better opportunity.

2. You Have Horrible Boss and Coworkers

If you really have horrible boss who makes your life unbearable, and coworkers who fight with you all day long, and you are trying all the time to avoid them, it is better to find employment elsewhere. Just don’t rush. You might be afraid to run into people in the office for no real reason. Take a look at yourself, because YOU might be the problem as well. You might work for a good company, and it’s a pity to throw away an opportunity, just because you have problems with yourself. But if you can’t stand your current situation any more, than go ahead, and quit. When you quit your current job you’ll say goodbye to those idiots, forever.

3. You Are Really Bored

If you’re bored just because you feel you’re not being challenged, but you haven’t done anything about it, it’s up to you. You should go and ask for more responsibilities, more challenges, don’t sit and wait for someone else to serve you on your plate. But, if you’re asking for more responsibilities all the time, but no one notices it, than perhaps it is time to challenge yourself with something new, something that will lift you up.

4. You Don’t Have Possibility for Improvement

If you feel like you’ve already learned everything about your current job, and there’s nothing left to be learned, you know that something isn’t working properly, because you are not creating any additional value for yourself. If you look up and see a dead end with no possibility of improvement, it is time to make an appropriate change.

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5. You Can’t Stand the Stress

Just a little stress can be a good thing, it can help you get all the things done. But if you can’t stand all that deadlines, and all that pressure, and it also influences your physical and mental health, if your relationships are suffering, start packing. It is definitely time for change. Losing or gaining weight, feeling body pain, or melancholy, are signs that it is time to contemplate and find a better solution.

6. You Don’t Have Work-Life Balance

It is OK to like your job, but never take it at home. Sometimes you may not finish everything within your working hours, and you’ll continue at home, but don’t let it turn into practice. If it happens, you’ll notice dissatisfaction among your family, and your life will start falling apart. There is nothing much better than spending a quality time with your family, so don’t wait, quit your job and enjoy with your partner and children. In the end, what is the point of earning money if you don’t have time to spend it and to live?

7. You Are Afraid to Go to Work Every Single Day

You hate the mornings, you hate to wake up in the exactly same time every day, you need at least 10 extra minutes to get up, and you hate driving to work. It can lead to depression, and you’ll need more time to rehab and move on. Stop torturing yourself. So, stop doing it immediately and quit your job.

8. You Are Not Interested in The Work You’re Doing

There’s nothing more draining than a job that doesn’t fit your interests and goals. It doesn’t matter if you’re well paid, you’ll never be satisfied, because you haven’t used your full potential while working for that company. It can influence the other areas of your life, and darken them as well.

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9. People Are Yelling at You

You’re not a kid. Yelling is cruel and insulting, and can have a negative impact on your health, and your self-confidence. Nobody should ever yell at you, and you shouldn’t let people yell at you. If you are used to people yelling at you, start immediately to work on it. Show those people that you deserve respect, and make them feel embarrassed about their behavior.

10. You Are Not Paid Enough

This may be the most important problem, and the main reason for quitting your job. You can be fulfilled with your daily activities, your colleagues might be the best, but that’s nothing compared to the money your job brings to you. If you can’t achieve all your goals because of the money, you must look for a better option.

11. There Are So Many Advantages of Getting a New Job

Some of the advantages of getting a new job are following: you can negotiate the terms of your new job, change your bad habits, make new friends, and improve your skills and self-confidence. So, what are you waiting for? Leave all the excuses behind, quit your job, and grab the opportunity in front of you. You can do that. I am convinced you won’t regret it.

I understand many people are not in a position to quit their jobs because they must take care of their families. But if you really feel you must quit your job, do not hesitate to do that, I’m sure you’ll get another job soon. It could turn out to be the best move of your life. Life is too short to be lived miserable!

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