The Devil’s Pool – The Ultimate and Most Dangerous Pool in the World

If you’re looking for extreme excitement and adrenaline rush, you should definitely visit Victoria Falls, in order to enjoy bathing in the world’s most dangerous swimming pool – The Devil’s Pool.

It is the most dangerous swimming pool in the world.

The magnificent Victoria Waterfalls on the Zambezi River, which rise on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe are the home to this unbelievable pool.

The Devil’s Pool The Ultimate and Most Dangerous Pool in the World 04Photo Credit: Mario Micklisch

This naturally formed swimming pool rises on the edge of the waterfall on the territory of Zambia. It is over 100 meters high and is considered as one of the surreal places in the entire world. This is indeed the ultimate infinity pool. When you swim in the Devil’s Pool, you actually swim next to the 100 meters high abyss, which is so scary and dangerous, as well as exciting at the same time.

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For most of the year, you should stay away from the pool, because entering the water would mean facing the death. But, during the drier months of the year, the level of Zambezi River drops significantly, and from September to December the water level allows you to jump in the pool, and swim as close as possible to the edge of the falls without falling over. Also while you swim in the Devil’s Pool, the water passes near you and falls down caused by the Earth’s gravity. It is even possible to walk along the lip of the falls and to feel the unique beauty of the waterfall.

The view from the edge is astonishing as you feel the water flowing past you and falling down over the precipice. The amazing view, double rainbows and pleasant atmosphere make you feel limitless, increasing your mood and causing you to do some really dangerous and crazy things you’ve never done before.

The Devil’s Pool The Ultimate and Most Dangerous Pool in the World 06Photo Credit: joepyrek

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You can find guides who will take you at the top of the Victoria Waterfalls and keep you safe. All you need to take with you is your costume and your camera in order to take an amazing photos of that incredible experience.

The Devil’s Pool The Ultimate and Most Dangerous Pool in the World 03Photo Credit: joepyrek

The most fearless tourists dare to jump in and allow themselves to be carried at the edge of the falls at horrifying speed.

The Magic of The Devil’s Pool

This amazing video is just a proof of the excitement and incomparable experience you’ll gain visiting The Devil’s Pool. Watch it and feel the magic of this unbelievable pool.

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