What You See First Will Reveal Your Shadow Self

Your shadow self is a hidden force of tremendous power which, when harnessed, can bring great results in our lives.

It’s a force made of star dust, of that very material that created the cosmos.

Let’s find more about your shadow self. What do you see first in this picture?

What You See First Will Reveal Your Shadow Self

If you chose:

1. Bear

You’re driven by your heart

If the first thing you’ve noticed in the picture is the bear, then a battle is happening inside your heart. This battle is ever-going and you probably still remember it from a very young age.

The bear symbolizes all the forces of the unconscious which have never been revealed. Your shadow self is much more powerful in you and like a powerful bear drives your destiny and creates your future.

When your libido is awakened, you deal with great amounts of energy which can be really creative or destructive. You can hardly ever manage these energies, and the more you try to condense them, the more intense and dangerous they get.

You are a fierce force of nature which cannot be controlled, not even by you. It would be wiser to be embraced. You should learn how to ground yourself – when energy is excessive – and more importantly learn how to calm yourself through meditation and love. Once you embrace your emotions you are capable of great things!

2. Mountain

You’re driven by your thoughts

If the first thing you’ve noticed is the mountains, then you are a work in progress. In fact, you are an alchemical procedure, which always requires you to be alert, demanding, and sacrifice every now and then.

The mountain symbolizes – for the alchemists – the road of the adepts, which is hard and needs effort to climb to the top of it. But the top of the mountain is a lonely place, where only one can stand on it. Deep inside your heart you think that only yourself can understand you. But is this true? Maybe you have not been honest with others and yourself. To be accepted, you need to open your heart.

You probably put your career first and then your social and personal life, living your heart barren and dry from satisfaction. This makes you feel tired, and day by day this fatigue is more profound. It doesn’t have to be this way. Balance is important. Love is all we need. Love is all you need.

The alchemists believe that the philosopher’s stone is not on the top of the mountain but in its heart. You are a wonderful soul which needs to be appreciated not by its accomplishments but as it is! If only people knew how wonderful you are!

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3. Trees

You’re driven by your spirit

If the first thing you’ve noticed in this picture is the forest with its trees, then your shadow self is much more socially oriented than you would probably ever admit.

The trees of the forest are always communicating with each other, by so many ways, more than we can even understand. Their roots are interconnected – transmitting and receiving signals from each other, informing them about the rain, and warning them about all dangers. Trees talk and so should you. You need to connect more with others around you. Connect with the earth through grounding.

Just like the trees in a forest, we are all connected with mother nature. Turning to her will help us receive joy and affection. You’ve been hurt in the past but don’t let this affect you. Make more friends, go out and flirt, laugh, cry, and live more! Time to express all these powerful emotions you’ve been hiding. The more you experience, the more powerful you are going to become!

4.  Moon

You’re driven by your dreams

If the first thing you’ve noticed in this picture is the relatively small moon and its stars, then you probably do not even belong in this world.

You are a sparkling force of the fairy world, touched by spirits and entities which do not belong in our realm. You are among the few who are connected with the invisible forces of this world. In your dreams, you’ve been constantly visited by fairies and angels who advise you. These dreams are creating your destiny whether you know it or not. Try writing down your dreams. This will help you unlock their powers and understand more about you.

Summon the fairies and learn how to invite them in your life to become more aware of your powers. On the other hand, try to connect more with this world as this will help you achieve more balance in your life.

Source: Meow Gag

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