Stunning Photos Shine Light On The Hypnotizing Beauty Of Albino People

A photographer has taken pictures to showcase the ‘pure natural beauty’ of albino people.

Yulia Taits, 38, from Moscow, captured the images of models and says she did not need to use Photoshop for any of them.

The project was to illustrate the ‘beautiful tones’ of the albino models against light backgrounds – showing angelic and fairytale portraits.

Ms Tait, who now lives in Israel, said: ‘Their unique beauty hypnotizes me. This beauty is so pure and amazing for me, as if it was taken from fantasies and fairytale legends.

‘This series was an amazing experience for me because I could create this beautiful photography without Photoshop. What transpired was pure natural beauty.

‘I’m excited to prove that white is not just one color! It has many tints, shades and beautiful tones. While creating this photo project, I was fortunately blessed with meeting amazing people.’


Model Zohar wear white butterflies around her neck and on her head as she poses for Yulia Taits’ beauty photoshoot


A lot of the pictures in the photoshoots appeared to look angelic. Pictured is Eliran posing with his white hair and beard


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Model Ori gets tangled in white laces as part of the Yulia Taits’ albino beauty photoshoot. Ms Taits says she did not need Photoshop





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Jewish model Eydan holds a white paper arrangement as he poses cross-legged for Yulia Tait’s albino photoshoot

Yulia says that capturing these beautiful people on camera was hypnotizing, and we can see why!

Source: Bored Panda

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