This 8 Years Old Boy Talks About the Pineal Gland (The Third Eye!) and TV Brainwash. You Need to Hear This!

This kid who talks about the Pineal Gland and the TV Brainwash is only 8 years old!

The kid known as KingNahh online, is mind blowing.

An actor, motivational speaker and artist, this is the embodiment of an old soul. He has his own YouTube channel dedicated to him speaking about different topics and the level of this child’s insight is incredible.

This is something you may never hear from your friends and family! Something that we need to teach our children.

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This 8 Years Old Boy Talks About the Pineal Gland (The Third Eye!) and TV Brainwash 01

This kid has got some serious truth for you to hear! In this video, he teaches the interviewer about the Pineal Gland (which is one of the biggest secrets of the humanity) and gives advice about not watching TV.

The key message he wants to get out is along the lines of:

“When you’re inside watching TV, and you’re watching dumb stuff all day, that’s when you need to know to get off the TV. That’s the cure: Get off TV, go outside and do something.”

Don’t watch TV?! An 8 years old boy saying that?! Really?

When you have knowledge of self, you’ll never be fit to be a slave to anyone. You are supreme being. As long as you believe in yourself, there is nothing that can stop you. If you truly want to see something, you need to close your eyes and use their third eye.

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Take a look at the video bellow. You will have the impression that there is an old soul talking to you.

This is unedited video clip from KingNahh CBS News interview.

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