She Adopted Him As A Baby. 27 Years Later, He Does THIS Behind Her Back…

This might be the most heartwarming story about an adopted baby boy that I’ve ever heard!

Ingeborg McIntosh had to fight to adopt her son.

This young man, named Jordan, was placed into a foster home when he was just an infant. For the next four years, Ingeborg would beg to adopt him. His birth parents had very specific qualifications for who could adopt their son – they wanted him to be adopted by African-American or biracial parents.

But when those qualifications couldn’t be met by anyone, it was clear Jordan was already where he belonged. McIntosh was finally able to adopt the baby that she loved with all her heart. When you see Jordan talk about Ingeborg, it becomes crystal clear how he feels about his mother: He can barely speak of her kindness without bursting into tears of gratitude.

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“They placed him in my arms and it was love at first sight,” Ingeborg says. “He was a part of the family, no matter what.”

Over two decades later when she became ill with polycystic kidney disease, the mom needed a kidney transplant.

That’s when Jordan set his plan in motion without his mother ever finding out. He went and got tested to see if he was a match. Fortunately, he was.

“I feel like this was my calling in life, I guess,” said Jordan. “Hopefully I can do more for her as I get older, but for the moment, it’s the least I could do.”

Ingeborg insisted that he didn’t have to undergo the invasive surgery, but Jordan had his mind made up.

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“Everything she’s done for me since I was a kid, I just wanted to give it back to her, and show her how much I appreciate her,” Jordan says tearfully.

It brings tears to my eyes, and I hope that more people can act as selflessly as these two.

Take a look at this video: Adopted son gives mom a kidney!

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