Meet Kazım Gürbüz, A 95-Year-Old Yogi From Turkey Who Discovered The Fountain of Youth!

This is 95-year-old yoga master Kazım Gürbüz, who looks closer to 50 than 100.

Gürbüz still enjoys an active sex life and believes everyone can live to be 130.

In an interview with the Daily Hurriyet, Kazım Gürbüz says the secrets to his youthful looks are keeping his body flexible and eating superfoods including olives and chestnut honey.

He also recommends pinto beans, peppers, pepper sauce, herbal tea, and soup.

“Less beneficial is meat, [which causes] most damage. There is protein in all [pulses], you do not necessarily need to eat meat,” Gürbüz says.

Gürbüz broke his back when he was 41, leaving him paralysed from the waist down. Doctors said he would never walk again.

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But Gürbüz had other ideas. He convinced friends to crack his vertebra bones back into place.

“I conducted 63 different experiments on myself… I was born again. Nine months [after the experiment] I began to walk. ‘Miracle!’” they said.

But Gürbüz believes it was more an issue of mind over matter.

The yogi is able to perform the ‘knot position’ for up to 48 hours, can hold his breath for between 4-5 minutes, and have orgasms between 3-5 times every day.

Kazım Gürbüz, A 95-Year-Old Yogi From Turkey Who Discovered The Fountain of Youth 4

“I am the same as when I was 25-30 years old.”

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For Kazim Gürbüz, life begins at 65.

“We can live to be 130 years old. I have such an intention… everyone has the power.”

“They are aware of the power that they use internal and power… [If] they take good care of their bodies. Then they will live to age like me.”

Check out Gürbüz’s Facebook page for more.

Source: The Mind Unleashed

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