This Man Drank 10 Cans Of Coke A Day For A Month. The Results Are SHOCKING!

Coke: A terrible plight on our health, or a nice treat from time to time?

It depends on moderation, but Coke has been known to have some adverse effects.

Recently, 50-year-old father of two George Prior decided to try an experiment showing the potential dangers of overindulging in sugary beverages. He drank 10 Cans of Coke a day for 30 days and blogged the results along the way. His body absolutely transformed — inside and out.

While “10 Cokes a day” seems like an impossible number to most of us, Prior is quick to remind us that the amount of sugars found in Coca-Cola can also be found in teas, sports drinks, juices, and certain coffee drinks. Maybe you’re not drinking 10 actual soft drinks each day, but the same quantity of sugar may sneak in through other beverages.

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Scroll down for more information on Prior’s experiment — including a video of his transformation. Do experiments like this change the way you think about soda? Let us know in the comments.

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Prior kept the exact same diet and exercise regime he’d followed before the experiment. The only change to his diet was the addition of the 10 sugary drinks.

He started his experiment at a very healthy (for his height) 168 pounds.

But after one week of drinking 10 Cokes a day, he saw the scale going up…

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…and up…

…and up…

…and up. The pounds quickly packed on the longer George went forward with his experiment. This is part of his message: “There’s a real mixed message in the media about how to solve the problem [of obesity]: Do you cut calories? Do you cut fats? Do you take drugs or get surgeries? My message is this: Start with sugar. Start with bread. Don’t worry about fats.”

Prior says that he hopes other people learn from his foolishness, because after a solid 30 days of drinking 10 Cokes a day…

Prior had gained 23 pounds. In addition to the weight gain, he says he constantly felt full and addicted to the sugary beverage with many uncontrollable cravings throughout the day.

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If you think his weight gain is monumental, wait’ll you see his shocking physical transformation on the next picture. The before-and-after photo speaks VOLUMES about the trouble with drinking sugar beverages!!

This before/after photo can show the measured effects on Prior’s physique. His blood sugar levels also reached a pre-diabetic state.

Coca-Cola can be a delicious treat, but only in moderation. Does this experiment change the way you think about sugary soft drinks? Let us know in the comments and PLEASE SHARE with everyone you know.

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