179-Year-Old Indian Reveals the Secret Of His Psychological Trick Of ‘Immortality’

We all know that death is a natural part of life, but that doesn’t stop us from wishing that we had the secret to immortality.

But that’s impossible, isn’t it?

Maybe not, because rumor has it that there is a man in India that has lived to be 179 years old, and now he’s revealing his secret to a long, happy life.

Mahashta Murasi is a long-retired cobbler from Northern India, who is said to be 179 years old. He was supposedly born in 1835, when India was still colonized by the British, and has lived in Varanasi since 1903.

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Two centuries and seven generations later, he has outlived his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. That’s the tragic downside of “immortality.”

“Death simply forgot me,” said Murasi.

“Since a long time I have no more hope to sometime be allowed to die. I think I’m immortal.” Murasi makes no secret of the reason for his unbelievable longevity:

“My trick is to surrender to everything that happens.”

Not everyone wants to live forever, but this trick can be helpful to anyone that is trying to make the best of the short time that we have on this Earth. Regardless of whether or not Murasi really is as old as people claim, the wisdom of his words cannot be denied. Regardless of whether or not you live for almost two centuries, this is a great psychological tip!

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If peace and tranquility are really the ingredients for immortality, we can learn a lot from Murasi. But in all seriousness: who wants to live forever?

Source: Boredom Therapy

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