Research Reveals The Essential Oils That Reduce ADHD Symptoms In Children

With about 11 percent of U.S. children being diagnosed with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), many are discovering a remedy that research by the late Dr. Terry S. Friedmann revealed.

Dr. Friedmann, a physician, discovered that vetiver oil (vetiver is a type of Indian grass) was beneficial for children with ADHD.

Dr. Terry Friedmann, left

When children inhaled the vetiver oil three times a day for 30 days, they demonstrated improved brain wave patterns, behavior, and performance in school. The study recorded an improvement for 80% percent of the children when using cedarwood oil similarly.

Cedarwood essential oil has a high concentration of sesquiterpenes, which improves oxygenation of brain cells.

Vetiver is known to calm and balance the nervous system while stimulating the circulatory system, according to Dr. Friedmann, who stated:

“When the essential oil is inhaled, the micro droplets are carried to the limbic system of the brain, which is that portion that is the processing center for reason, emotion and smell, and to the hypothalamus, which is the hormone command center.

The essential micro droplets are also carried to the lungs where they enter the circulatory system.”

Improvements in brain activity were recorded via electro-encephalograph (EEG), which measures electrical impulses moving through the brain. The measurements showed researchers whether the children’s brains were functioning primarily in a beta (i.e., alert) state or a theta state (i.e., lack of focus).

Improvements in beta-theta ratios were then noted following the use of vetiver essential oil, while parents also noted improvements in symptoms. Dr. Friedmann reported:

“I received several letters from parents of the ADHD children stating that their behavior at home had improved for the better.

In several cases, they also stated that school educators informed them that their performance was observed to improve in the classroom. The report cards in some of the subjects had reflected this improvement as well.”

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A recent study published in the Journal of Intercultural Ethnopharmacology also showed vetiver essential oil to have particular promise for ADHD. The study on human subjects revealed faster reaction times and stimulation of sympathetic nerve activity following inhalation.

Beyond vetiver and cedarwood, rosemary essential oil has also shown promise for increasing cognitive performance. When study participants completed tasks in a cubicle diffused with the aroma of rosemary essential oil, their performance improved in both speed and accuracy.

Other essential oils that may relieve various symptoms of ADHD include peppermint oil for improved alertness as well as:

  • Ylang ylang, which is known for its relaxing properties
  • Frankincense, valued for inducing feelings of mental peace and calm
  • Bergamot, which may help reduce feelings of stress and anxiety
  • Eucalyptus, which may relieve mental exhaustion and stimulate blood flow to the brain
  • Lemon, valued for improving mood and preventing emotional outbursts

Source: David Wolfe

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