Take 10 Years Off Your Age – Look Younger and Feel Better

Taking at least 10 years off your age doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on expensive beauty products or go under knife.

If you want to feel and look younger all you need to do is to follow our beauty tips and tricks and you will be on the right way of losing a decade.

Work on Your Posture

As the years go by, your body starts to hunch, and the way you hold your body is a strong indicator of how young you are. Good posture has positive impact on you, it boosts your self-confidence and it makes you look taller, slimmer and of course, younger. Other fact is that it is a powerful life skill which prevents lower back pain that usually disables older people (aged 50 and over) to stand straight and even walk. Do some exercises in your free time, because believe us, it’s definitely worth it and has long-term gain.

Make Your Cheeks Rosy

As you get older, your skin loses color and elasticity and the fat pads in your cheeks start to fall. To distract attention from this unpleasant situation just add a youthful glow by using pink hues in your make-up, rather than yellows and browns. This color will have lifting effect on your cheeks and will freshen your face.

Shape Your Eyebrows

Messy and bountiful brows can be easily fixed and reshaped and take years off the face. If your brows are sparse and thin, taka a rest and forget about tweezing for at least one month to let the hair grow back and to become thicker. Then make an ideal shape on them and don’t forget to maintain that shape.

Make Your Smile Prettier

One of the most successful ways to look younger than your years is a white smile as it adds an admiring contrast to lips and skin complexion. But several decades’ worth of accumulated food, drink, tobacco and bacterial teeth staining can make your face look unhealthy and even older. Brushing teeth after drinking big quantities of coffee, tea and red wine can help, but the right thing to do is visiting your dentist and have a teeth whitening which  can return years of darkening.

Look Younger: Photo01Photo Credit: Rupert Taylor-Price

Lift Your Droopy Eyes

In spite of the intention to hide their age, people tend to notably reveal it around their eyes, with the upper eyelids having a tendency to droop. To correct a droopy upper eyelid, we recommend you to make colorful contouring. Simply use a light-colored shadow near the lash line and a darker shade in an arc above the fold where the lid is dropping. The lighter shade makes the bottom of the lid more visible, while the darker shade makes the swollen top part go back. You can also us a concealer to brighten your eyes. As a result everything will suddenly lift up and you will get more wide-eyed, which will make you look younger.

Pay Attention to Your Hair Color

Don’t experiment with your hair color, and don’t make dramatic changes very often. If you over-highlight your blond hair, you lose the golden shades that keep it looking youthful and pretty. Opposite, hair that is dyed too dark is so unnatural. Avoid the temptation to cover greys with too much dye because it will strip color from your face. You can try highlights which are a few shades lighter than your natural hair.

Change Your Hairstyle

As you age, your hair tends to  lose volume, so avoid using hair straighteners that make your heir look flat, older and lifeless. That can actually put on 10 years. Also if you don’t have appropriate hair length you will look older and without sense of fashion and style. Now may be the time to make the change and decide to cut and freshen your hair. Choose shorter hair style that will frame your face and work for any hair type, even curly and wavy. If you’re conscious about forehead wrinkles, having a fringe cut is a far more easier and cheaper solution than anything else which is dangerous for your health (for example Botox).

Give Yourself a Makeover

The most important thing about what you wear isn’t whether it’s in fashion but whether it fits you well, regardless of your body shape. Wearing the right clothes will take at least 10 years, as well as 10 pounds off your look.

Men prefer to wear clothes that are too big for their shape, while women prefer to wear clothes that are too tight. They think that it helps them hide their years and weight, but in fact it makes them look funny and indecent. To avoid that embarrassment, the first thing you need to do is to go shopping with some friend who has an eye for fashion or even a stylist – so they can direct you on the right way.

Look Younger: Photo02Photo Credit: Lucía López Martínez

Avoid Black and Colors Similar to Your Skin Tone

If black has been your best choice and has served you well in your younger years, navy is the new color you must have in your wardrobe. It’s much softer on the skin and give you color balance on your face and body. On the other side, we don’t recommend you colors that are similar to your own skin tone, because nobody wants to look washed out, neither you.

Freshen Your Lips

It’s undeniable: Even juicy and filled lips lose volume as  years go by. Avoid dark, matte lipsticks because they only point up that fact. Choose pink gloss—the brighter color makes your lips look fuller, younger and smoother.

Use Dewy Makeup

Dry makeup makes skin look tired, crepey and old. You will notice that your skin produces less oil as you get older. In order to beautify your skin, choose dewy makeup to get more flattering effect. Consider switching to a lightweight tinted moisturizer with luminizing effects and cream versions of blush and bronzer. That is the right thing to do, and everybody will become aware of the beauty you have.

Take care of your body by following these simple rules, and your body will speak to you. It will give you self-confidence and happiness in return.

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