11 Bad Beauty Habits You Need to Stop Immediately

When it comes to bad beauty habits, the beauty experts advise us to stop and forget about them immediately.

They have seen different bad beauty habits, and are surprised of the fact that almost every woman makes huge mistakes that have negative impact on their beauty.

Do you have any bad beauty habits? I know I have quite a few, and although I’m trying to stop them, sometimes I continue doing some things over and over again. That’s actually a very demanding, step by step process, which can’t be implemented over night. It requires huge efforts to put the brakes on deep-rooted habits. But, if you start immediately, soon you will notice some differences, some positive changes that will increase your desire to take care of your body even more.

11 Bad Beauty Habits You Need to Break

In order to help you become aware of the importance of your body, and take care of it, here are some bad beauty habits you should break now!

1. Not removing makeup before going to bed

Wash your face every single day, especially when you wake up, and before you go to bed. Sleeping in the makeup that you wore all day long is a recipe for clogged pores and oily and dirty skin. Also, using a face cleansing wipe means removing a portion of the makeup and dirt, which doesn’t help your skin at all. Spend a few minutes to fully wash your face with an appropriate soap.

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2. Skimping on hair protection while styling

Heat styling is one of the biggest causes of damage to your hair, especially if you don’t use heat protectant every time you style. Overuse of heat styling tools (hairdryer, hair straightener, or curling wand) does more harm than good. The number one rule is to always use a heat protectant while styling. Avoid heat styling every day, instead do it at least every second day if you really need to, and keep the temperature under 400 degrees if you can.

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3. Using dirty, unwashed brushes

It doesn’t take long to clean your makeup brushes at least once a week, but finding the time to do that can be very hard. From day to day we apply our makeup using the same old brushes. Unwashed brushes are a perfect place for harmful bacteria and mold, and using them can easily irritate your skin, causing a skin infection. So, think twice before using dirty, unwashed brushes.

4. Taking long, hot showers

I know that there’s nothing as beautiful as a long, hot shower during the winter. It warms up your body and makes you feel relaxed. But, if you have dry skin and hair, hot water can make them even drier. So, try turning down the temperature of the water and speeding up your shower. When you finish with your shower, apply moisturizer in the next 5 minutes to avoid additional drying of your skin, and improve its condition. When it comes to your hair, slightly warm water is the best way to go and for extra shine, rinse your hair with cold water at the very end of your shower.

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5. Not adjusting for the season

Every season you should change your skincare and makeup. Sometimes you’ll need heavier moisturizer, increased SPF, or different powder shades, depending on the season. If you change your clothes to deal with the weather, than you should do the same with your skincare and makeup.

6. Spending too much time in front of the mirror

Is you spend too much time in front of your mirror, there is a big chance that you’ll notice many insignificant imperfections on your face. That will lead to picking at your skin and plucking invisible hairs, which can spread infection, causing inflammation and redness. The redness is a lot harder to hide than the small spots you were picking at. Additionally, it is better to let the invisible hairs grow and wax them all off at once.

7. Spot squeezing

This is the worst skin habit you must stop. Absolutely never squeeze a spot. It is an inflamed lesion filled with bacteria, and if you squeeze it you can spread the infection, damaging your skin and multiplying that one single spot. Instead, apply an active spot treatment directly on the spot – look for ones that contain Salicylic Acid, or Benzoyl Peroxide.

8. Not paying attention to other aging areas

Over the time your face is aging, and the same happens with your neck, back, chest and the back of your hands. All these parts are aging, but you ignore them, and only pay attention to your face. The same products you use on your face will work for your neck, hands and chest, so don’t avoid applying them on this critical parts.

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Even if you can’t see or smell the grime that’s gathering on your pillowcase, believe us: it has negative impact on your skin. Excess oil, makeup, dirt and dust accumulate on your pillowcase, particularly if you go to bed without washing your face first. That can cause skin irritation the next day, as well as clogged pores, redness and spots. No matter the material of your pillowcase, be sure to change it every three days to keep your skin clear and acne-free.

 10. Skip using moisturizer

You may think that your oily skin doesn’t need moisturizer, but you’re wrong. Ditch that thought and apply the correct hydrating lotion. No matter your skin type, moisturize in the morning with the appropriate day cream as well as with a heavier night cream before you go to bed. Moisturizing is a must for glowing, fresh skin.

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11. Not applying sunscreen

Sunscreen should be as much a part of your morning routine as brushing your teeth. Applying sunscreen on your skin is an essential beauty habit you need to improve. Without application of a sunscreen with an appropriate SPF, your skin may be vulnerable to sunspots, burnt, and the most serious, skin cancer.

Avoid these bad beauty habits and take care of your body – it deserves all the effort you put into getting perfectly nourished, fresh and beautiful skin and hair. Do your best to look great and to boost your mood and self-esteem.

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