What You’re Insecure About, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Everyone has their own insecurities.

There are always things they are not sure about whether they admit it or not. For some, it might be about the way they look for others about their status in society.

In this article, we will reveal the insecurities that each zodiac sign has. Don’t forget that this might change depending on so many different factors.

Aries are the first ones. They are highly competitive and they believe that they are the best in whatever they are doing. When someone does better than them, their jealous side gets the best of them and makes them feel insecure about their own accomplishments.

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Taurus ones are insecure about their status and how they match with others! They are at times quite concerned about how they are ranked in comparison to those around them. They find themselves comparing their accomplishments to the ones around them and will end up feeling insecure about their own position. This habit is often hard for them to break!

Geminis feel insecure if they feel like they have been left out! They are curious creatures and they like to be kept posted on whatever that is happening around them. They might even strike you as someone who is nosy but that is only because they actually care about you so much. They feel quite insecure about being forgotten about. They don’t like the idea that other people don’t think highly enough of them to keep them in the loop!

Cancers are insecure about their self-worth. Even when they are well-aware of the fact that this is all in their head, they still feel insecure about their self-worth. They mostly are successful in seeing the strengths and the positive things in other people but when it comes to themselves they fail. They feel like they are not good enough!

Leos are the ones that are insecure about the way they look! You probably cannot guess by only looking at them. But especially when they feel like they don’t look their best, Leos can be unbelievably insecure! They take pride in the way they look, so a bad-hair-day can be their worst nightmare!

Virgo ones are control freaks! They have to have full control on everything in their lives and are horribly insecure even about the idea of losing that control in any possible ways. They will do anything to prevent chaos from erupting and love to maintain stability and order in their lives.

Libras are insecure about losing face and having their reputation tarnished! They love to make an everlasting, positive first impression. Just as much as they love that, they fear to lose and jeopardizing their reputation with those that admire and respect them. They sometimes need to worry a little bit less about what other people might be thinking about them.

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Scorpios are insecure whenever they feel that they have been exposed. Their personality trait tends to be secretive by nature and they don’t often share anything with anyone, not even their friends. When they feel totally exposed, they are at their most insecure! They never react when people make their private life, public.

Sagittarius ones are insecure when it comes to commitment. They value their freedom so much and they won’t easily give up on that by committing to anyone when it comes to love. They cannot deal with people who are so needy and too possessive or the ones that try to limit their freedom. That is why they are so insecure about the idea of commitment.

Capricorns are insecure about failing. They hate to think about failing at the things that they have set to do. They may not show it, but they truly feel insecure! However, this might be counted as an advantage rather than a drawback. It will encourage them to work even harder not to face failure again.

Aquarius ones are insecure about intimacy and losing their freedom. They are independent and free spirit people. They also are quite adventurous. They are the happiest when they get to live their lives the way that they want. They feel extremely uneasy when other try to put them in a cage.

Pisces can be insecure about what other people might think of them just like anyone else. They have a heart of gold and want what is the best for everyone. But there are times when they get too caught up in the thought of what other people might be thinking of them. They often worry that people will take them and their intentions the wrong way.

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