Egyptian Artifacts Discovered In Jerusalem Kept Secret By Rockefeller Museum. Alien Origin?!

The discovery of these artifacts could “rewrite ancient Egyptian history”.

There are some who claim Jerusalem is the promised land, home to the people of God. And now supposedly Jerusalem was for many years, home to a set of extraterrestrial artifacts.

Egyptian Sculpture Artifacts Possibly Alien In Nature

The artifacts which had for millennia resided in the “Giza complex”, was unearthed by renowned Egyptologist Sir William Petrie, and purportedly safeguarded in his Jerusalem home for many years. When news spread of the discovery of the artifacts, the Rockefeller Archaeological Museum laid claim to the artifacts and representatives followed up with the retrieval.

The entire extraterrestrial community is in an uproar for many reasons. The artifacts were originally found in Egypt’s Giza complex by Petrie, and he conducted studies and research on the artifacts. It was rumored that Petrie had uncovered evidence of extraterrestrial life and possibly history on earth, and for whatever reason chose to keep his findings a secret. The artifacts were supposedly the source of his findings and Petrie hid them before his death in 1942. It was only recently that they were found in a secret room behind a bookcase in Petrie’s house.

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The discovery of these artifacts could “rewrite ancient Egyptian history” along with the history of the world, possibly much of the scientific theories that we know of today, and even the reality that we live in. The retrieval of the artifacts by the Rockefeller Museum could mean that the knowledge from these artifacts could never be fully accessible to the world public.

Signs Of Extraterrestrial Origin In Egyptian Artifacts

What is known about the artifacts is that the mummified bodies appear “possibly alien in nature.” The skeletal structure of the mummies has stereotypical alien “elongated heads, large eye sockets, and long spinal arms.”

The Aliens Have “Elongated Heads, Large Eye Sockets, And Long Spinally Arms.”

Other items that were found together with the mummies seemed to be way ahead of its time and “highly advanced” were found. They included mechanical devices and a golden disc with its top transparent.

As revealed by Ambella, the high-tech devices have “an intricate mechanism which is surrounded by gold spiral tubing that has several small gold orbs and crosses attached to it.”

They also contained symbols which matched no known lore of Egyptian origin, which is shown in the picture below.

Alien Technological Gadget Could Be Navigational Device

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Could these devices be a form of interstellar navigation equipment? Some of the artifacts included stone tablets provide some answers as they “appear to show alien spacecraft, ” according to Ambella.

This would not be the first time that these type of tablets were found, which often portrayed possible extraterrestrial spacecraft and advanced mechanical devices.

An example would be the “Helicopter Hieroglyphs” show in the image below. They were discovered in a temple in Abydos, Egypt, and show images of modern looking aircraft.

Helicopter Hieroglyphs The Inscriptions Appear To Represent Modern Aircraft

Scientists have often attributed these interpretations of aircraft to a psychological condition called pareidolia, but this has never stopped the extraterrestrial hobbyist communities from believing that these inscriptions were proof of alien space pilots and cosmonauts.

The very same aliens whom many believed to have come to ancient earth and helped our ancient civilizations to build and prosper, influencing their cultural and technological direction.

These beliefs may have some truth in them as the ancient Egyptian civilization had very advanced techniques and possibly technology to perform feats like building the pyramids, among them the Pyramid of Giza. It could even be that the aliens have the built the pyramids themselves, and modern man attributed these pyramids to ancient Egypt.


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