Is Being Shy Bad The Answer Will Surprise You…00
Paradigm Shift

Is Being Shy Bad? The Answer Will Surprise You…

The relationship we have with our body and mind is repeatedly shifting between love, rejection and acceptance. It depends on our mood and feelings which are usually result of some past situations that influenced our […]

12 Signs You Have Found Your True Soulmate

12 Signs You Have Found Your True Soulmate

Have you already found your true soulmate? It is believed that even before you were born, the name of your spiritual half has been determined. Your soul has a perfect match…your soulmate. A person is […]

What is this thing called love 00

What is This Thing Called Love?

What is actually love? Is it an emotion, a drive, an action, a need, or something else? What we certainly know is that every person in the world, without exception, has heard about it. Love […]

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