Near Death Experience Causes Scientist To Wake Up! Spirit And Science Finally Meet!

Near death experience causes scientist to wake up!

Our bodies glow with the miracle of life pulsing in 50 to 100 trillion cells. Spiritual resources, for example meditation, can positively influence the amazing wizardry of our natural cell science that repairs and renews the body!

Joyce Hawkes, Ph.D, a biophysicist and cell biologist by training, a Fellow in the American Association for the Advancement of Science, as well as author of 36 scientific publications had a remarkable near-death experience way back in December 1976 that was to profoundly alter her perception of the world, and her place in it.

Joyce was a pragmatist. She was a scientist… a realist. She didn’t believe in any of that ‘woo woo’ nonsense of life after death. She believed in hard data and not much else!

At the time of the ‘accident’, she was the head of a research laboratory in Seattle, Washington, where they used electron microscopes to study the effects of pollutants on fish. They were a busy research group: publishing papers, and traveling in the United States and abroad to talk to groups of scientists.

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It was a time of excitement and career success for Joyce, and she loved every minute of her work. She didn’t spend much time at home, nor did she love doing the housework!

On a Friday night, she recalls hurriedly cleaning her house. The vacuum cleaner chugged along with her through the bedroom, down the long hallway, and she had nearly finished the living room.

The last sweep was in front of the fireplace hearth, 15 inches away from the mantel. She did not bump the mantel or touch the fireplace, yet in a flash a heavy, leaded-glass art piece framed in thick oak toppled off the mantel onto her head.

Crumpling to the carpet, she felt a crushing pain shoot through her head, and she was out of her body!

She zipped along a long, dark tunnel, drawn to a beautiful and welcoming light far ahead. At the end of this tunnel, just before the entrance to the lighted place, her deceased mother and grandmother stood. They were radiant with good health, glowing with love, and welcomed her without the need for words.

As Joyce recounts, “I was overwhelmed to see them. I had missed them intensely, but had no belief in an afterlife, so seeing them astonished me. It seemed like we were together for an eternity, and yet I moved on without remorse or sadness into the place where the light was stronger still.

I marveled at the beauty of the scene before me. The sky was a shade of blue that I had only seen in the high mountains just before dusk—almost iridescent—with a richness never seen in cities. The luminous color lifted my spirit. The hues did not fade as if night were approaching but stayed glowing with awe-inspiring brightness.

The surroundings were suffused with light. I seemed to be standing on a slight rise with a sweeping view of rolling hills. The colors reached out with brilliance. Blades of grass glowed with a quality of green that sparkled without a hint of harshness. The flowers glowed as if each petal and leaf emitted its own light. My being was immersed in peace and tranquility. I had a relaxed inner hum of joy, and such fullness of awareness that to leave or anticipate leaving was unthinkable. I was fully present in a manner that I had never experienced before. I walked down the hillock into a bit of a valley while I continued in the fullness of each moment.

There was no sense of the passage of time or concern about what time it was or if there was anything else at all to do except to be fully present. What an unexpected surprise that this glorious place could be my destination: I was a staunch atheist.

I had never heard of near-death experiences and had no inkling about spiritual experience in expanded realities.

Before I could think much more about how this all happened and without a forewarning of the impending change, I found myself transported to another location. I saw steps and a platform that softly glowed with a golden light. I was drawn to walk up the steps onto the platform toward the one and only being I saw. No voice told me to do that and no mind chatter argued whether I should or should not approach the being.

Some feeling of welcome, safety, and joy drew me up the steps without hesitation. Light infused everything. I felt buoyant and totally at peace. The same sense of each moment having its own relaxed fullness was there as it was in the place of rolling hills. I had no desire to leave, no desire to be or do anything other than bask in the luminous presence before me and all around me. There was no fear in me and no anticipation whatsoever.

Suddenly I was abruptly back on the floor of my living room with an excruciatingly sore head. I reached my hand to the hurt place and found a mat of dried blood. I was shocked to realize that I had been out for more than a few seconds. How long had I been unconscious? It was probably an hour or could have been more. I did not seek medical help until Monday morning when my co-workers whisked me off to a doctor, who found a blood clot on my brain. I was instructed to go home and rest for a few weeks, but did not need surgery. I had always been so healthy and physically active as a skier, mountain climber, and hiker that this was a major change for me.

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I was flooded with new appreciation for my life. I was equally flooded with new awareness of the expanse of possible realities.

To be sure, as my awareness of the certainty of an afterlife expanded so did my appreciation of the precious moments of human existence.

Initially, I tried to dismiss the entire vision of ‘the other side,’ but I could not shake the impact of the peace, joy, and clarity I felt.

Fortunately, my recovery was complete. I returned to the lab and the work there, but also began searching for books and people who knew about near-death experience. I found a local healer and took classes with him. I began meditating daily. Some seven years later, and after a profound visionary calling to healing, I resigned my position at the laboratory and opened a small office as a healing facilitator. Now, 26 years later, these decades of work, meditation, travel, and writing continue full of joy, growth, new insights, and great appreciation for all that has happened.”

Joyce went on to explore indigenous healing traditions in Southeast Asia and was amazed that a local shaman could see what she used to see in her work… with an electron microscope!

Joyce now teaches energy healing at the interface of science and spirit.  Her first book, Cell-Level Healing: The Bridge from Soul to Cell, received widespread acclaim, and Joyce has appeared on US and international radio and television programs, including an interview with Dr. Mehmet Oz on Oprah.

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She was featured in a documentary in Japan showing her brain-wave patterns during a healing session and thermography measurements of the heat from her hands during healing, which you can see below. There is presently no English translation but the video clearly shows Joyce EEG tracings both when she is meditating (not much activity) and when she is sending healing (plenty of activity).

“My inner experience is that my vibration, if you will, my consciousness has changed, certainly with the near death experience. It really got my attention, for one thing. But it also changed with simply practicing full attention, full presence in the Now. And meditation, connection with the divine and source. So that has been a progressive evolution of what’s changed. And I know now from the testing that I run delta waves all the time in a waking state. They peak 6 – 7 times higher in my brain when I’m doing healing work, whether it’s with a person in front of me or distance. Probably 2/3 of my clients now are all over the world. I work with people in New Zealand, Australia, Poland, and across the US and Canada. And the work is as strong doing that as it is when people are in the office with me. It’s still just a mystery to me. It’s wonderful. I feel like I came back different, but I don’t have any measurements of what those differences were.”

While the late Dr. Masaru Emoto showed us that our thoughts (i.e. frequency!) changes the structure of water, Dr. Hawkes shows that our thoughts can change the functioning of our cells. In this respect, she echoes the same language of Dr. Bruce Lipton who talks about the ‘wisdom of cells’ and ‘the biology of belief’.

As more scientists wake up to profound, timeless spiritual truths that give science a broader understanding of life itself, it is sad to see their own communities turning against them and calling them quacks. These scientists were, and are, at the top of their game. They have understood where science and spirit meet, and continue to educate those willing to listen. For those fed-up with modern medicine’s lack of answers for ever-increasing 21st Century diseases, the work of Dr. Hawkes and Dr. Lipton presents a chance to break out of the reductionist paradigm once and for all!

Profoundly effective, yet simple to understand and use, the core principles of appreciation, clearing, flow, and cell-level healing are described and illustrated in Cell-Level Healing to promote vibrant health.

The understanding is that healing is a basic part of human nature, and provides a guide for people to tap their innate healing abilities, illustrated with stories, electron microscope photography, and other inspiring pictures by the author.

If this peaks your curiosity, then delve right in!

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You will learn:

1. Appreciation of the physical body is described through the eyes of a cell biologist with spiritual insight. Attributes of the universe that apply to healing include mystery, creativity, balance, and resiliency.

2. The principle of clearing addresses emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects.

3. A chapter on flow examines the nature of soul language or vibrational uniqueness, rate, and direction of energy movement.

4. Deepening the conscious reach of healing to the cellular level gives this book its unique place among the collection of books on healing.

Source: Energy Therapy

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