Positive Affirmations for the Morning to Help You Stay Energized, Focused and Motivated

This is the ultimate list of positive affirmations that will help you change your beliefs and change your life.

Everybody has goals in their life; for the person they want to be; for what they want to accomplish and give back to this world. And you’re the same, you’re part of this world full of dreamers.

And your dreams won’t work unless you do. In order to switch yourself from a dreamer to a doer, first you need to change your mindset, and the best way to do that is to clear your mind of all the negative thoughts, in other words, you need to focus on positive thinking and turn it into habit. Positive affirmations are here to help you achieve that.

Positive affirmations are simple, first person, present-tense, active statements, or mantras, that you repeat to yourself on a regular basis to cultivate a positive calm state of mind. The power of the mind and the magic of positive thoughts have been scientifically proven to improve our health, productivity, creativity, and well-being.

As a result, you create the exact state of mind that you wish to be in. Once you change your mindset, it would be much easier for you to attract positive energy into your life, which will turn your dreams into reality.

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How to use these positive affirmations?

How you start our day has a powerful influence on how the rest of the day unfolds. So, positive affirmations are best used when you first wake up, and before you actually start your day, because your day is a blank state at this time. For best results, only choose affirmations that match your goals, ambitions, values, and make you feel good.

You can whisper them, say them out loud, think them, or write and read them. Repeat those affirmations a few times, familiarize yourself with the sound of your voice as you read positive statement. When you do this, your mind starts to get used to hearing a positive self-talk and the flow of your thoughts changes.

Try this practice at least for a week and see how it shifts your mindset over time. You’ll realize that the best days of your life weren’t necessarily the days something great or exciting happened, but they were those days when you felt good about yourself.

25 Positive Affirmations You Should Say First Thing In the Morning

Here are some positive affirmations you should say when you wake up. You don’t have to say all of them every day. Try saying at least three of them every single morning, and you’ll notice that they work miracles in your mind.

1. Good Morning Life! I am so grateful to be alive today. This will be one of the best days of my life!

2. I’m grateful for all the things I’ve been given and all the special people who are part of my life.

3. I am feeling healthy and strong today. I might achieve something phenomenal today.

4. The sun is shining through my window and through my heart and soul.

5. I choose love, joy and happiness today. Life is too short to dwell on negativity.

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6. I am the creator of my own reality. I have the freedom to choose in all situations. Nothing stands between me and my highest good.

7. I take my goals seriously. I know that my time here on earth is limited. I am doing what I love.

8. I feel free to ask for what I really want because I know I deserve it.

9. I release all negativity from my life. I choose to focus on being positive!

10. I can achieve whatever I want. I can have what I desire. Everything is possible.

11. As soon as I commit to my ideal life, the universe will take care of my needs. All I have to do is take the first step.

12. I don’t want to be perfect. I am already good enough to be loved and accepted. I know I am worthy just as I am!

13. The greatest gift I give myself is forgiveness. By forgiving myself and others, I set myself free from pain and suffering. I choose to forgive.

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14. I will plant only good seeds in the world today. I will not waste even one precious second in anger, hate or jealousy.

15. I embrace success. The words “I can’t” are not in my vocabulary. I refuse to believe my own excuses. I am unstoppable!

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16. I embrace my best self today. I choose to live in a way that will bring peace, joy, and happiness to myself and others.

17. I know that I am here on earth for a purpose. I choose to honor that purpose today and inspire others to walk their path.

18. I refuse to allow myself to be overcommitted. I’ve learned to NO quickly and easily. I protect my “me time” because I deserve it.

19. There is nothing wrong with me. I am good enough. I have enough. I am enough.

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20. I don’t have a fear of the unknown because I know I can overcome any challenge that comes my way. I am invincible!

21. I choose to be myself and allow others to be themselves. I know I am no better than anyone else. We are all on the path.

22. I have nothing to worry about. I choose to focus only on what I can control. The rest will work itself out for my good.

23. I am in the right place at the right time, on the right path and I trust myself to make the right decisions.

24. I know what I really want. I know I deserve to have it. I am responsible for bringing it into my life.

25. I don’t have to wait until I feel “ready” to take action on my goals. The timing will never be perfect. That’s why I am ready now.

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To sum up, positive affirmations first thing in the morning help you define your focus for the things you want to see in your life. They help you stay focused on your dreams, desires and goals. Most importantly, they allow you to train and re-program your subconscious mind.

If you have any more positive affirmations for the morning, please let me know in the comments section bellow!