Is Being Shy Bad? The Answer Will Surprise You…

The relationship we have with our body and mind is repeatedly shifting between love, rejection and acceptance. It depends on our mood and feelings which are usually result of some past situations that influenced our life.

That continuous shift in our emotions makes us shy, insecure, which additionally changes our mind more often – today we believe in ourselves, while tomorrow we believe completely the opposite, we believe that we are miserable, unattractive or boring.

So many of us are walking around in life broken or wounded in some way, convinced that we’re not worthy enough. And as the time goes by we are still working on proving that we are wrong and actually turn into something that we are not at all. Then, we start to feel self-pity and lose ourselves.

There is a time when you might struggle with yourself. It may be hard for you to accept yourself, because to accept yourself means what you’re doing (or not doing, but you’re supposed to do) is just fine.

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Realize this: Who you are at your core is who you are meant to be, so there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you.

Problems Only Shy People Understand

If you’re shy, you must feel uncomfortable in a room full of strangers. That’s because sometimes you need to be social with an overwhelming crowd of people, and that’s the last thing you really want to do.

It happens very often some people to be judged by others because they are too shy (this might have happened to you as well). And they listen the same statements all the time:

  • You’re too quiet. Say something!
  • You need to come out of your shell!

Don’t allow these remarks to hurt you deeply!

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They get easily irritated and more shy when are told to speak up, or to be more outgoing. Some people don’t realize they make the situation even worse, they force that person in some way to go back into the shell and hide. They don’t know how it feels to be quiet and reserved, and how difficult can be to express feelings, and to talk.

There are many cases when shy people start to consume alcohol in order to become fun, outgoing, and able to talk to anyone without any problems. The sad thing is that it happens only when they are drunk. When they face this fact they can easily get depressed.

What’s in the Way?

You may wonder what is on your way that pushes you away from yourself as well as from the others. Fear is the answer. Fear that blocks you, fear that stands in the way of meeting your important needs, fear that prevents you from fully functioning. We could actually call it fear of living.

The Most Important Question is: Do You Think You Really Need to Change?

Your shyness might make some things more difficult in life, but what really matters is following: if you realize that you’re always going to be that way, you should accept yourself as you are. In that way you’ll enjoy your life more, whether you’re out with friends, or you’re alone. Just be happy with yourself being that way, you don’t need to overcome your shyness or introversion.

Your intolerance of what you consider as imperfections is caused by the desire for something different. Why you want to be somebody else? You are exactly how you’re supposed to be. Nothing less. And you need to appreciate what you’re given since the day one.

If you have communication problems, if something comes out wrong or you get your words mixed up, just laugh to yourself. Don’t punish yourself about it, because you know that you’re doing your best.

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Don’t be Afraid to Lose False Friends – Be Happy Instead

Shy and introvert people usually have difficulties in finding new friends, and they think that it’s better to stand the insults from their current friends, because they don’t want to be left completely friendless. You know what? It’s okay. Take it as a chance to enjoy more your own company and to attract more positive people into your life.

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You can develop deeper self-acceptance by establishing and maintaining relationships with other people who accept us as we are.

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Your Weaknesses Can Be Easily Transformed into Your Strengths

Despite the disadvantages of being shy, there are also some advantages, which make shy people great people. Here are two biggest advantages:

They’re good listeners – Shy people usually are great listeners, so their friends feel able to talk to them if they have a problem, and they know that they’re not going to tell anyone. As a result, they’re more considerate friends and colleagues. It can actually become a source of strength. The best quality they possess is empathy – ability to understand people.

They always think twice – Another advantage is that shy people always think before they speak. They need more time to acknowledge their thoughts. They can be good at helping other people feel comfortable when they aren’t on the spot.

If you’ve found yourself in these statements (and I’m sure you have), I hope you’ve realized that it isn’t that bad to be shy person. It’s actually a good thing as you have qualities some people can only dream of.

Learn to Accept Yourself As You Are

There’s nothing wrong with you!

Repeat this statement over and over again and it will make you feel much better, filled with a sense of relief. If you really love and accept yourself exactly as you are, then everything in life works. You begin to uncover your uniqueness and to feel free to express it and act on it.

There’s a reason why you were made exactly the way you are. Stop trying and pretending to be something you are not. If you’re meant to change it will happen naturally, without forcing yourself. When you learn to accept yourself, the others will accept you too. If they don’t, it really doesn’t matter at all.

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Self-acceptance leads to change, a better change in your consciousness, you become aware of the most important things in life and start to appreciate them much more. In that way you’ll become mindful, you’ll find yourself, and your inner peace. It will help you see the world around more clearly. The “journey to you” will be worth the effort!

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