We Are Going To Witness Something Amazing That Hasn’t Happened In The Last 150 Years!

On 31st of January, you will have a chance to see a full moon like you have not seen ever before.

Also, there are going to happen three more astronomical events that have not happened in the last 150 years, and they will have an impact on the full moon.

Professionals say that the even that is going to happen has not occurred in more than a hundred years.

At the last day of this month, there is going to be a special sight, and you can call it as you like, a blood moon, a blue-red moon, a super moon or a purple moon.

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In fact, this full moon will feature a complete lunar eclipse that will be visible from the Pacific, western North America, as well as eastern Asia.

The moon’s orbit around the Earth is tilted, and that means that usually falls above or below the shadow of the planet. According to scientists from NASA, a full Moon happens two times per year when it is ideally aligned with our planet and the Sun.

So, that results in the shadow of our planet blocking the Sun’s light that is reflecting in the Moon on the other days. On the last day of January, the Moon will have a mysterious shine, and it will slowly lose its brightness because of the sunlight getting over our atmosphere.

The mysterious look is usually emitted in a reddish hue which is a result of the atmosphere doubling the light. That is the reason why this lunar eclipse is called a blood moon.

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Even more interesting is the fact that this full moon will be a second full moon in January. Noah Petro is a scientist from Goddard Space Flight Center in NASA, and he explains that this lunar eclipse can be seen during moonset.

Those who live in the eastern USA should get up early in the morning to see it. It is going to be an incredible sight, so make sure to prepare your telescope and see something that has not happened in the last 150 years.

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