20 of The Most Unusual and Creative Statues and Sculptures From Around the World

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11. Expansion

Creative Statues Expansion, New York
Photo Credit: Hexapolis

Designed by: Paige Bradley
Location: New York, USA

As light creeps out of the cracks of this statue’s body, a world of messages are portrayed by artist Paige Bradley. All of the pieces are cast in bronze and made to float separately from one another.

12. Franz Kafka Monument

Creative Statues: Franz Kafka Monument, Prague, Czech-Republic
Photo Credit: Wikimedia

Designed by: Jaroslav Róna
Location: Prague, Czech Republic

This monument of Franz Kafka, a German-language writer of novels and short stories can be found in Prague. The monument depicts Kafka riding on the back of an empty suit, by Jaroslav Róna, inspired by the events in the Kafka’s story “Description of a Struggle”.

13. Headless Musician

Creative Statues: Headless Musician Statue, Amsterdam, Netherland
Photo Credit: Richard Tulloch

Designed by: Unknown
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

A statue of a headless musician running for the number 10 tram and tipping his hat to onlookers in Marnix Park in Amsterdam. The sculptor of this statue is unknown and mysterious. Actually this sculptor in the period between 1982 and 1999 has created several beautiful bronze sculptures including the sculpture mention above, ‘Violinist Bursting from Floor’.

14. River Children

Creative Statues: River Children Statue, Singapore
Photo Credit: Claudine Chionh

Designed by: Chong Fah Cheong
Location: Singapore

Designed by Chong Fah Cheong this statue is considered as one of the most creative statues in the world. The sculpture depicts children jumping into the river.

15. De Vaartkapoen

Creative Statues: De Vaartkapoen (Policeman Being Tripped), Brussels, Belgium
Photo Credit: Andrew Gustar

Designed by: Tom Frantzen
Location: Brussels, Belgium

The people of Belgium adore this sculpture which depicts a young rebel rising up from the sewers to offset the foot of a passing police officer. It’s like a perfect moment snapshot turned into bronze to stay there forever.

16. Pissing Statue – Prague

Creative Statues: Pissing Statues, Prague, Czech-Republic
Photo Credit: Wiikimapia

Designed by: David Černý
Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Here’s another unusual and controversial statue designed by David Černý. This statue depicts two naked man staring at each other in a pool shaped like Czech Republic. Moreover, the hips of the two man are moving and with their pee they are writing letters and quotes by famous Prague residents. You can even send SMS at a number written next to the statue and have the text written in the pool by the pissing statues.

17. Space Cow

Creative Statues: Space Cow Sculpture, Stockholm,-Sweden
Photo Credit: Guido A.J. Stevens

Designed by: /
Location: Stockholm, Sweden

The statue of a space cow in Stockholm, Sweden is probably not the weirdest one in the country but definitely quite funny and interesting. It depicts a cow wearing a space helmet with oxygen supply, floating in the air, like it’s traveling in the space.

18. Eating a Biscuit Together

Creative Statues: Eating a Biscuit Together, Seoul,-South-Korea
Photo Credit: Brittanie

Designed by: Ku Bom Ju
Location: Seoul, South Korea

An interesting statue depicting two man sharing a biscuit, which at the same time serves as a bench. Yes, this is probably the strangest bench we have ever seen and it represents the belief of sharing and helping others in Korean culture.

19. Cloud Gate

Creative Statues: Cloud Gate The Bean Sculpture - Chicago, USA
Photo Credit: Mike Warot

Designed by: Anish Kapoor
Location: Chicago, USA

The Cloud Gate sculpture, also known by the nickname ‘The Bean’ because of its shape, was designed by Indian-born British artist Anish Kapoor. The sculpture is made up of 168 stainless steel plates welded together and highly polished with no visible seams. It weighs around 100 tons and it’s very popular among the tourists visiting the Millennium Park in the Loop community area of Chicago.

20. Great Depression Bread Line Statue

Creative Statues: Great Depression Bread Line Statue - New Jersey, USA
Photo Credit: April and Randy

Designed by: George Segal
Location: New Jersey, USA

The five man waiting in a line near a door sculpture represents a scene from the Great Depression, a period of economic hardship. Originally the sculpture was made in 1991 from plaster, wood, metal and acrylic paint, then in 1999 casted bronze.

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