The Entire Town Learns Sign Language To Give Him One Perfect Day. His Reaction Will Melt Your Heart

The Entire Town Learns Sign Language To Give Him One Perfect Day!

An entire town is in on a secret except for one person. That person in this case is a young man who is hearing impaired.

He has been dealing with his condition for several years and received a surprise from the entire town.

So what does the town do for him?

They all learn sign language so the young man can have one perfect day.

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Samsung in Turkey launched a new program that makes it possible for people with impaired hearing to communicate with their loved ones through their video call center, according to Digital Synopsis.

The video entitled “Hearing Hands” features Muharrem going about his daily routine.

With the help of his sister who was also part of the surprise, he was approached by strangers who used sign language to communicate and make life easier for him.

The entire crew who planned the surprise set up cameras around the city to capture Muharrem’s reaction to all the strangers he met.

A sign language expert also trained the strangers who did not have any background on signing.

Towards the end of the video, everything is revealed to him; his reaction will certainly melt your heart. You can see in the video how baffled he is, and how appreciative. This video really demonstrates humanity at its best. Very heartwarming!

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Video: Hearing Hands – Touching Ad By Samsung

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