Disabled Man Banned From Facebook Because They Don’t Believe His Name Is Real

A disabled man has been banned from creating a Facebook account because they don’t believe that his name is real, even though he’s sent off his ID to prove it.

But what is his name?

DJ, who had his name changed via deed poll back  2008, claims that the popular social network barred him because they believe he’s trying to promote himself as a disc jockey.

To prove that DJ is in fact his real name he sent off  his driving licence along with other documents to but Facebook has refused to budge on the issue, The Mirror reports.

Disabled Man Banned From Facebook Because They Don’t Believe His Name Is Real 2

DJ suffers from severe rheumatoid arthritis which has left him housebound and confined to a wheelchair.

His illness prevents him from using phones so he used Facebook as his way of contacting friends and family, but now he’s been barred DJ’s been left feeling isolated.

Disabled Man Banned From Facebook Because They Don’t Believe His Name Is Real 1

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DJ explained:

I had to change my name to protect myself. I chose DJ because I used to be a DJ and I was into music but I’m not promoting anything now.

This is my real name. I’m no good with mobiles and it costs too much for me to make a phone call.

My nephew invited me to Christmas dinner but I couldn’t respond because I couldn’t get on Facebook.

I’m worried I’m going to get bad feelings from my family because I can’t reply to them. I live on my own and I’m losing contact with everyone.

I’ve sent them proof of my name and they are still saying it’s unacceptable. They say it should be the name you use in everyday life but that’s what it is.

Facebook have responded to DJ’s pleas in an email, however they stand by their decision explaining that a profile is for personal, non-commercial use and should represent an individual person.

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Before adding that  if DJ would like to use Facebook to represent a business, brand, organisation, idea or public figure, consider creating a Facebook Page.

Sounds like a pre-generated email response to me. Anyway let’s hope that poor DJ gets the situation sorted soon.

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