10 Secrets To Become More Productive At The Gym

Being productive at the gym is important. That will both cut down the time you spend at the gym and increase the overall efficiency of your workout.

Let’s take a look at some simple ways to rise your productive and be more productive at the gym.

1. Minimize Disturbance

Remind yourself why you are at the gym. Workout! That’s all you need. Avoid smartphones or any other buzzing gadgets. You can do your calls, texts and Social Medias later.

2. Have a Plan

You always need to know your workout plan ahead. Losing time on deciding what body part you will work on should not happen. Write down what exercises you will do, including how many reps and sets. It’s also good idea to make a long term plan, at least monthly schedule.

3. Keep Your Water Bottle Filled-Up

Being thirsty can make you feel exhausted. So, make sure you drink enough water and stay hydrated while working out.

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4.Avoid Rush Hour

Try different workout schedules and find out what’s the best time to go to your gym. Waiting someone to finish his sets or reps can suck big time. Also, having less crowd at the gym, may make your time at the gym more relaxing and less distracting.

5. Use Wireless Headphones

Listening to music while working out will not just eliminate the chatter but it can also help you work out harder, better and stronger. This really works and it has been confirmed in many studies. However, wearing corded headphones can be distracting because of the possibility to accidentally snag the cord. Therefore, using wireless/ Bluetooth headphones is the right thing.

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6. Time Your Rest Periods

Be aware of the time when sit down for a break. Often you realize too late that three or four minutes has already passed. If your workout plan states 60 seconds recovery period between sets, make sure you stick to it for better results.

7. Fuel Up

Working out with an empty stomach is simply not acceptable. Listen to your body and adjust your meal timing. It can be one or two hours before the workout, or it can be just a snack or a protein smoothie. Nevertheless, remember that you should always fuel up before work out as it will give you more energy so you can push harder.

8. Wear Proper Clothes

You should leave your baggy t-shirt in the locker and get a top that will fit to your body. That way you better see yourself in the mirror and check whether you are performing the exercise the right way.

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9. Do Supersets

Doing supersets can significantly save time. Two exercises in a row that focus the same muscle group will increase the muscles engagement and burn more calories.


10. Push Yourself

No pain, no gain! This is a very famous gym quote and it’s so true. If you want to get yourself to the next fitness level you always have to push yourself harder. You have to try to lift more, add more resistance and increase the intensity of your workouts for getting better results.

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