What Kind Of Energy Do You Have?

Every single one of us has their own kind of energy that helps us to influence others.

Our bodies and minds, are ruled by a life energy, this energy is what we give to the word.

What kind of energy do you have?

We are all different and unique, and so is our energy. Maybe you have a joyful energy about you, one where you’re the life of the party and new friends flock to you all the time.

People love being around you and enjoying the love you have to give everyone. Maybe you have mana earth energy – a strong sense to be in and among nature.

Some of us contain the divine energy, being very spiritual and some have a sad energy about them, carrying sadness from past relationships, friendships gone bad, and all that sadness took its toll.

Still, even if you have a sad energy, you can still love others and yourself.

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