Your Strongest Personality Trait, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Did you know that the alignment of the planets at the specific moment of your birth has a lot to do with your personality?

While we all tend to blame our horoscopes for our character flaws, we should thank them for the best parts of ourselves, too. Find out the coolest thing about you, courtesy of your astrology.

Find Out What’s Uniquely Wonderful About You:


March 21 – April 19


Aries has the ability to find the good in almost any situation.

While this strong sign is known for battling their way through life, they are often able to do it with a smile on their face and enough optimism to encourage others to keep moving forward, too.

Even though this ram sign has a hot temper, they’re quick to forgive and let bygones be bygones because they know life is too short to focus on the negatives.


April 20 – May 20


Tell a Taurus your troubles and they’re likely to put their hand on your shoulder, give you meaningful words of encouragement and follow up with a warm, comforting hug.

This family-oriented sign is never afraid to give their support and love to others, even at the expense of themselves.

Their ability to understand someone’s pain, and show kindness when it’s most needed is so powerful, it has the ability to transform situations for the better.

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May 21 – June 20


It’s no secret to Gemini that they’re smart.

Their absolute love of knowledge can be intimidating to others, but because Gemini is so social and friendly, they are quick to make anyone they’re talking to feel equally intelligent.

This twin sign is able to quickly synthesize information and use it to improve the world around them.

This makes them strong leaders as well as thinkers.


June 21 – July 22


Nothing makes Cancer happier than knowing they were the reason someone’s day was brighter.

This sensitive sign will make every effort to be there for people who need them, and won’t quit just because the road ahead is hard.

These crabs aren’t boastful, either, so make sure to give them a thank-you or else they may feel like their time and energy wasn’t valued.


July 23 – August 22

Inner Strength

Leo is the quiet, unmoving anchor in a chaotic sea.

Their strength is primal and deeper than many can fathom.

Leo’s ability to weather storms and survive things that destroy others is nothing short of remarkable, but they don’t need you to tell them that.

These fierce lions are unwavering in their ability to overcome hardship and maintain their composure while being confident leaders and, when needed, brave protectors.


August 23 – September 22


A Virgo will never turn their back on someone in need.

This loving maiden sign is drawn to care-taking roles and no job, no matter how demanding, will change their minds.

Whether they’re tending to the sick, providing for the needy, comforting someone in mourning or even assisting someone who is terminally ill, Virgo will give all of themselves in order to make sure the person who needs them most feels loved.


September 23 – October 22


Libra is always searching for ways to find the best version of themselves, and they aren’t afraid to work hard to achieve it.

Whether it’s analyzing their thoughts, feelings and reactions, or dedicating themselves to healthier eating and exercise, Libra will work tirelessly to get the results they want and then take a step back to re-evaluate their path.

This sign isn’t afraid to take stock of their faults and will never stop trying to fix them.


October 23 – November 22


Crafty Scorpio can turn anything into a work of art.

There is no limit to their creativity and even if they’re on a tight budget, this sign can turn scraps into something beautiful.

While their innovation is great for home decor, it can also be the foundation for a future business.

As long as Scorpio learns to let others help, they can turn their passions into a lucrative empire.

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November 23 – December 21


Sagittarius has the unique ability of being able to take in information without making a quick judgment.

Often this optimistic sign is looking for the most reasonable explanation for events, giving them the power of perspective many don’t have.

This archer sign is wise and able to see different solutions to problems because they aren’t closed off to new ideas or information.


December 22 – January 19


Capricorn is intense and when they want to achieve something, they will dedicate all of their mental faculties toward that goal.

Their laser-like focus and determination is unmatched in all of the zodiac, and you can believe that if a Capricorn tells you they’re going to make something happen, they will.

Just make sure to stay out of their way, because once this seagoat is on a mission, nothing can stop them.


January 20 – February 18


Aquarius is a healer by nature and takes great care to leave the world better than how they found it.

This wind sign has a natural green thumb and seems to intuitively know what plants and even animals need in order to thrive.

More important than harvesting the wild, Aquarius will nurture it and help it recover from the damage humans have inflicted, leaving a vibrant world for the next generation to enjoy.


February 19 – March 20


Pisces is a wonderful communicator.

Not only can Pisces clearly say how they feel, they are able to truly hear someone else, allowing them to feel validated and important in the process.

This sympathetic sign is not one to interrupt or ignore, and takes great pleasure in hearing the thoughts and ideas of others.


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