How To Identify Children With A Highly Active Third Eye?

“Knowing who we are is the most important truth that we can attain in this reality, and the awakened third eye is a result of that Divine inner truth.” – Mynzah

It is quite rare for a person to have an active third eye.

For those unfamiliar with the concept of the third eye, the third eye is a mystical and esoteric concept. It involves the ability to see perceptions beyond ordinary sight This inner eye is often referred to as the gate that leads to inner realms and spaces of higher, seemingly unattainable consciousness. Despite the Third Eye being highly associated with religious visions, supernatural or paranormal practices, these only skim the surface of this all-inclusive term.

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Signs That Your Child Has an Active Third Eye

Children with an active third eye always stand out. If noted carefully these children always stand out in a crowd. For starters such children prefer to be more introvert, staying to themselves rather than interacting and playing with their peers. Games that these children play are more imagination based as opposed to physical activity.

For example, some children may prefer having tea parties with their imaginary playmates, rather than have them with their stuffed animals. There is also a pattern among such children to be closer to nature. You may notice this when you take them to the park, where they will prefer playing alone in the grass, instead of playing with other kids on the playground. Lastly, you might also notice them talking or laughing with their imaginary friends. You may even hear them running around the house as if they are playing with someone.

There can also be some additional symptoms of an overactive third eye. These are as follows:

Physical manifestations of an overactive third eye include:

  • Headaches
  • vision problems
  • Seizures
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
  • sinus issues

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Additional non-physical signs of an overactive third eye chakra include:

  • Hallucinations
  • being judgmental
  • Anxiety
  • mental fog
  • feeling overwhelmed
  • paranoia and/or delusions

What to do if Your Child Has an Active Third Eye?

While third eye activation is not common among children, there have been quite a few instances of this being spotted in children. It is precisely for this reason that you’d need to prepare for this if your child has an active third eye. While a psychic ward is quite different from any average ward it is not necessarily a bad thing.

You just need to raise them in a manner that they can develop their abilities in a constructive manner that will not compromise on their natural growth. Many psychic children end up isolating away from society because they have full access to a completely different world. It then becomes your job as the parent to present the idea that even though they can view the spirit world, they still belong to the physical world.

Of course, contacting a psychic can help with this as well, since he would be able to guide your child/children though the process of balancing their physical life with the development of their psychic abilities.

Source: Conscious Reminder

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