10 Things You Never Realized Were A Side Effect Of Being An Empath!

Humans have five basic senses – smell, sight, sound, taste, and touch.

However, most people are unaware of one the strongest metaphysical senses we have – empathy.

Without empathy, the world would be chaotic madness with no sorrow, like it almost is.

Society seems to be losing their sense of empathy as time goes by.

These days, empaths struggle with certain things that most people do not. Their ability to feel and absorb other people’s emotions can be very exhausting.

Sometimes, we aren’t even aware that it’s our empathy causing some additional side effects.

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Here are 10 things you never realized you were doing because you are an empath:

1. Absorbing others emotions and energy

It’s very important for empaths to be careful with who they surround with, because of their ability to absorb and feel other people’s emotions and energy. This can be very exhausting and intense for empaths. Even one negative influence can throw everything off for them.

2. You need to change the world

Definitely, the world wouldn’t be the same without empaths. They are natural healers and are always trying to change the world. Maybe, this sometimes discourages them when they will realize they can’t make things better, still they are amazing people with positive thoughts.

3. You have a strong intuition

Empaths are born with a strong sense of intuition. Following the gut feeling, they always know the right decision to make. Although, they might be unable to explain it to another person, but that doesn’t make them know any less.

4. You are the best intimate lovers

Empaths are truly loving and caring souls. They are amazing friends and absolutely the best intimate lovers. Still, the relationships might easily scare them or make them feel overwhelmed, because they are afraid of vulnerability and being hurt. They need time to let others in their life.

5. You attract negative people

Empaths are true magnets for negative people. Empaths are able to absorb the negative energy from others and make them stressful and intense.

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6. Nature is your cure

Empaths love nature because it gives them a revitalized fresh start. Nature is the cure for anything you struggle with in life. At any time you might consider escaping to nature.

7. You have a big heart

Empaths are loving people with a big heart. They’re always looking for ways to improve the society. Sometimes, their big heart might get them taken advantage of, but they’d never trade it away. Empaths are able to feel love like nobody else.

8. You have trouble separating your feelings from others

Empaths are being able to feel the energy of other people and synchronize with their emotions. This can cause an empath to have trouble differing from their feelings and other people. They are often blinded by the energy of other people around them, which makes them confused on how they truly feel.

9. Being hyper sensitive

Empaths are hypersensitive, which means they feel the regular emotions on a much greater intensity than most people do. This can be emotionally stressful for them, because empaths are very vulnerable to emotions.

10. You know you don’t belong here

An empath has a tremendously powerful sense of intuition. Empaths have an overwhelming sense of knowing and they know they don’t belong here. They also know that they are capable of extremely great things, but they just don’t know where to start.

Source: Mind Waft

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